I am curious if any of you have a concrete method for scheduling, booking, and tracking private lessons. Currently our swim lessons coordinator takes lesson applications and assigns an instructor, that instructor then contacts the client and finds a time(s) that fits the clients schedule, the instructor's schedule, and is during our open-swim time.  Our Instructors are supposed to then log that lesson into our facility-booking program, so we can take payment and also have a record of when the lesson is, who it was with etc., but they don't always do so.  This creates difficulties when a client shows up for a lesson and our front desk staff don't know who it's with, if it's paid for, etc.  Another drawback we are finding is when clients call and want to change the date/time we have no way of getting that information to the instructor.

Just curious what everyone else does.  Thanks

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My system is very similar...only the front desk on first day of the private lessons always has the private lesson form and make the custom to pay....afte that the form goes to the instructor file at private lesson binder....and the instructor is only paid after write every time show....after lesson is done!...

The customers only can cancel the private lesson with te instructor (call directly to the instructor) and they need give 24 hours notice before the schedule lesson.


I have a curiosity, how much you charge for 1/2 private lesson?

Ricardo we charge $18/lesson for half hour private lessons.  We charge $30/lesson for a semi-private lesson (2 students)

Our Private Lesson Instructors provide a lesson availability chart (that has been approved by supervisor to confirm pool space) to the front desk. It has half hour blocks that can be filled in with private lessons. Front desk staff can then enroll anyone requesting private lessons without delay. Staff attempt to always fill lessons back to back so instructors do not have gaps in their day. Payment is taken when enrolling. Instructor and their Supervisor are then emailed a copy of the Rec Trac receipt so they know when lessons are scheduled. Instructors are responsible for reviewing their schedule. Lessons are scheduled more than one week in advance. If anyone needs to make changes, they deal with front desk staff if it is more than one week in advance. Less than one week we charge a $10 cancellation/change fee and attempt to work with instructor to reschedule.


I have our Lead Lesson Instructor Facilitate this process.

We have been using the When-To-Work program (www.whentowork.com) for the staff tracking. When a private lesson is booked they are entered into the software (by our Lesson Lead Instructor who schedules these). This works well as it pings the staff (text message) anytime a lesson is added. The software allows staff to input their availability (CANNOT WORK, don't like to work, don't care to work and Love to work specific times). This handles the staffing side of this pretty well as any of our people can see who and what is scheduled for when.

For the tracking payment we use the dead tree method. Each student has a sheet in our large binder at the front desk. When a class is scheduled by the lead they document the scheduled class and if payment was received. It is a little crude but effective for us at this point. 

BTW-Private lessons are $15/30 minute class.


thanks Joe we use whentowork as well but only for our regularly scheduled shifts (Guarding/group lessons).  i like the way you do this. i'm going to suggest it to our Program Superintendent.  thanks.

We advertise our private swim lessons in our activity guide, along with group lessons (the sessions run the same dates).  The instructors that teach private learn to swim lessons are selected by the lesson manager from all of the instructors who are teaching that session.  People register for private lessons just as they would for group swim lessons.  Our registration program is Active.Net, so people can register online, in the office or via phone.  Last winter, because we typically don't offer swim lessons at that time of year (we only have an outdoor pool), we worked with one of our lesson instructors and a family that wanted to keep swimming to schedule private lessons. That worked so well that we have planned to offer a few private lessons over the winter.

We do have swim team coaches that offer Competitive Stroke Instruction (private lessons), and they are paid on a percentage of the class fee (their lessons are more expensive than our learn to swim private lessons).  We started using Active's private lesson booking function for the coach lessons this summer.  It worked fairly well - there's probably a few things we will change in the set-up for next year.  You set up the instructors availability (the dates/times they are offering lessons), the minimum number of lessons the customer must book, the length of the lesson, how far in advance they have to book the lessons, etc.  This allows the customer to register and book their lessons just as they would for any other activity we offer.  They can also prepay for lessons, without booking a specific day/time, which worked well when instructor's lessons were full and they were planning to add more lessons. The instructors are able to log in to the program (it's internet based) and check on their booked lessons (they can only see their class info), although I forwarded them updated rosters/schedules once a week - didn't want them to miss a lesson!

If you are using a registration program for your other activities, you should check and see if it has a private lesson function.

I also have ActiveNet but I have not tried the private lesson feature.  It sounds like it would help us, but finding the time to figure out the details has kept me from changing.  This motivates me to find the time to do it so we can use it this winter!

Our private lessons are set up that the cost is $1.50 per minute which equals out to $90.00 an hour. The instructor gets 60% of that amount. All of these lessons must be purchased through the front desk. This has worked well for us because the instructors are responsible for tracking the receipts. The must provide the receipts to the accountant for the money to show up on their paychecks. 

The client can purchase either a block of minutes and then break them into however many minute sessions you would like, or just purchase them as you go. It is up to the instructor to keep track of the minutes used.

Scheduling these lessons can sometimes be the most difficult thing to do. Not only scheduling around the clients schedule but also that of the instructor, and then the pool schedule. Private lessons can be done anytime there is open swimming. We leave all rescheduling to the instructor. The client has their cell phone number, e-mail etc. This helps us from having to worry about finding any a replacement instructor. 


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