I am looking for recommendations for Recreation Software.  Some of our requirements are:

  • User Friendly
  • A company that provides good customer service and tech support.
  • Free updates would be nice but probably not likely.
  • Robust attendance and membership tracking.
  • Robust reports.  We want to people to provide a lot of data like daily attendance, attendance by the hour, up to the minute financial report (gate receipts), etc.
  • Works with a swipe card system.
  • Dependable-Little to no crashes

I think that is a good start.  So what do you all use?  Why do you like it?

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Take a look at Rectrak http://www.vermontsystems.com/web.wsc/index.htm
or Recware. Active Network has aquired that company i think. But here is a link to something
of the sort http://www.activecommunities.com/technology-solutions/parks-and-rec....

Both will do all that you require and then some.
Rec Trac! Their customer service is probably one of their biggest selling points. We don't use their card swipe system, but I know they have it. I was involved from day one of our install and trained my entire department on everything from set up to daily processing. If you want more detailed information, let me know. lfiorey@cityofoviedo.net - I'd be happy to discuss it with you.
Make sure they can fully support your use! Our facility is wireless and S-L-O-W. The folks at the Rec Center are happy as clams because they get instant return. We wait for 2 minutes on receipts because of the delivery method. Groan!
Thanks for the replies everyone-

Rec Trac is good. We have it at one of our facilities and it does do everything we want. The issues I have with Rec Trac is it is expensive!!! Not only do you pay for the software but they want you to pay for them to come out and install it and train your staff. There are "annual maintenance" fees. It adds up pretty quick. We want to install the program in too several facilities, so the cost is prohibitive.


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