For my fellow authorized providers, has anyone else had issues in establishing a PO for participants to use to register for ARC blended learning courses? In years past, I set up a pre-paid PO with my purchasing credit card. Last year due to my purchasing card spending limits and numbers of folks (inlcuding staff who don't pay for their certs), our organization had one that allowed us to be invoiced. When I went to set up our upcoming courses for this Spring, I discovered that our PO had been terminated due to unpaid invoices (which we never received.) After our division's accounting person settled our bill (which was from last year's courses), we have yet to have our PO's/invoicing re-activated. She has contacted the Red Cross invoicing department. I have reached out to our regional aquatic/health and safety contacts. When we call the 800 number, we get bounced around with no answers. Searching for advice on folks set up payment for these courses and any insight you might have to remedy the situation! Thanks for your time and attention!

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We have had the same problem with invoices not received, invoices delivered late, payments not processed, and the prepaid po...well we have completely abandoned that idea all together. No real good advice for you. I miss our local chapter (was dismantled when all of the changes were made). We had very few problems back then and if something came up all it would take is a simple phone call.


I'm interest to hear others experiences.


I have my PO, my issue is when I call to pay invoices (not the 1800 number, some number on the invoices) they are always really rude on the phone and it always seems like we are inconveniencing them to pay their invoices.

My issue is that when participants go to sign up for classes and I give them the PO number to put into it, they see what the redcross charges and I have to explain to them the price difference (I.e. $19 for recert or whatever, when I charge $30) If I set it up for the PO order, I don't want them to know what price I pay the ARC.

It may be easier to make them pay it and pay you the difference. IDK...  


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