We are workong on putting together a replacement schedule and cyclical maintenance schedule for our indoor and outdoor pool.  I thought before we reinvented the wheel we shold see if someone already had something in place we could use as a guide.


It seems like every year we learn about something that needs to be replaced or repaired that totally blindsides up.  We were hoping with a plan in place we would be able to better budget for our  upkeep.  It seems like age is starting to catch up with us here!!!  I guess a few examples would be life expectancy of things such as  filter media, chemtrolers, diving boards, air handling system, paint surfaces…ect. I am sure there are thousands of things that haven’t even crossed our minds, but we are in hopes if we get a plan in place maybe we can make things last as long as possible. 


If anyone has anything that would help us get started I would really appreciate it!

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The City of Carrollton, TX always had a strong (and on-going) maintenance team for their pools. I remember that they had a specific calendar for pulling motors and such. Check with Kim Bybee!


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