Is anyone else using Seal Easy Masks?  We ordererd 40-50 of them this year and so far are seeing that about 1 in 4 are defective.  I just want to see if this is an isolated case or if anyone else is experiencing this problem as well.

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I like the seal easys a lot...when they worked. They are very pliable and I think that's the problem. Somehow the bladder material is not keeping a seal of air in the bladder. So, it should be called Seal Not-so-Easy. When it is stuffed in a hip pack and sat on, pushed around, smashed, mashed, thrown into the backseat of the car, and used frequently during in-service training; it becomes more susceptable to bladder air leakage. In an emergency you want your equipment to work and a breakdown in a simple material like plastic to hold the seal puts the whole resue in jeopardy.

Tukz, since you mentioned the backseat of a car, I assume that you are allowing staff to take thiers home. My staff have to leave the fanny pack here, and get one when they go on duty. All masks in the on duty fanny packs are brand new, never been used. I keep a separate supply of fanny packs and masks for training use.

If I am doing a skill test on a guard while on duty, I carry a training mask with me to hand them when they get out of the water after the rescue. So yes, the masks do get exposed to chlorinated water during occasional on duty skill testing or simple rescues. I continue to rotate out the new masks to training masks, and any newly ordered masks go to the on duty fanny packs.


Haven't had a large problem with defective Easy Seal masks, but since we just ordered some new ones we will check them over good!

A few years back when we had seal easy's at my agency we found that alomost daily checks of all fanny packs was needed (this should be done before the shift anyway, but doesn't always happen) due to the fact that they blow out randomly and often due to the abuse cited by Tukz...


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