Hi all,

We're seeking column submissions for the magazine for the 2015-2016 print schedule.

The categories:

Tech Talk: These columns deal with equipment or technical issues around the pool or waterpark. It typically deals with a solution that operators may not be aware of. They frequently address types of equipment or water chemistry, but never uses brand names or advocates one type of equipment over another. Instead, it's meant to be a generic discussion about different methods of achieving water quality and smooth operations.

Bottom Line: These columns address ways to save money or operate more efficiently. Issues about budgeting, time saving and employment fall into this category. No brand names, no type of product advocated over another.

View Point: This is an opinion column. It's meant to allow professionals to air opinions about aquatic concerns. However, opinions expressed must be based in fact and have factual support.

Risk Management: This is a column about managing risk around an aquatics facility. It deals with lifeguarding, liability, drowning and anything else that may put a facility at risk of a lawsuit or other hardship.

Lessons Learned: This column runs on the back page of the magazine and recounts an incident at an aquatics facility that led to a lesson learned on the part of the operator. It is usually light-hearted in tone and subject. Lessons learned can run the gamut from technical issues to customer service dilemmas to employee matters.

If you're interested in writing columns in any of these categories, I want to talk! Please email me at jmcclain@hanleywood.com with the category and topic you'd like to write about, so we can discuss.


Joanne McClain

Editor-in-Chief, Aquatics International

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