I am working to improve our facility emergency action plan when it comes to spinal rescues. We have been using the ARC standard for spinals but a lot of my staff have brought up that at their summer pools they do slant boarding. 

I wanted to ask if anyone uses this technique and if you have materials and videos on how to teach it and best steps when performing this technique. Also if you could speak a little bit into why your facility chose to use this technique over ARC. 

Thank you! 

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Our facility follows the ARC practice. pull em out first, deal with the breathing, then worry about the spinal. I'm fairly sure the action of chest compressions is going to be just as bad for their back as pulling them out without strapping them to the board, and the slant board method may be more difficult with certain victims. It also won't work in a deep end. Someone asked a similar questiona  few years ago and got some responses.


Maybe this a good time to start the conversation. I like the idea of slant boarding, but like is said in the discussion I linked above, some backboards and pools will work much better than others. I know that our boards for instance would not work well in our lap pool (starts at 4' deep) and with our boards (tend to float and are difficult to keep under water). You can see in the pool that their pool is 1m (3'3") and they do not have a raised gutter system. If you have a raised gutter system, you would also have to take that into consideration. The backboard would be at a very extreme angle to pull some out in our pool with this method.

Found this with a quick google search. Video of the procedure:



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