I am curious in regards to how its looking for agencies for the summer workforce? I hear many different stories depending upon whom I speak with, some folks have enough Lifeguards, some don't. How's it going for everyone and if you are having success, why do you think that is?

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Average year, since economic downturn we don't have much problems for Summer or Year around.

we are always short, especially during the summer. But at this point in the year, I'm not suprised. Kids never think about jobs until they are almost out of school and then decide they want to be a lifeguard. We get calls all the time from kids who want to be lifeguards in June and even July.
We have even offered an incentive that we will pay for the class if they are willing to work for us for 4 months. So far we have only had 2 people sign up for it.

We received returning staff notices in January and had 72% of my staff returning for this summer. Currently we are down to 65% as others have decided to stay at school, have found other jobs, or are "too busy". That means I will need about 30 new lifeguards for this summer to get to our magic 105 lifeguards. I currently have 29 applications in and have another 19 days for open recruitment. We are off to recruit from 4 area high school swim teams this week and next. We have never been short and don't plan to start this year. Good luck!

We are a smaller community and a smaller facility that is rebuilding. I am having a hard time coming up with enough people who can 1.) Get through the pre reqs. 2.) Pass a drug test and 3.) pass the background test to be employed. Maybe it is just the area I am in, but I'm having to fight scrape and dig to find good people as there has been no good jr. high programs to keep kids at the pool over the last decade. 

I know these "kids" are not finding jobs elsewhere, but I am battling a systemic problem of missed programming over the last decade. 

But I have a darn good staff right now, I just need more. 


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