I recently completed the survey regarding the use of swim diapers and it occurred to me that as facility who specializes in serving individuals with developmentmental disabilities and many of them use swim diapers. The survey seemed very narrowly focused in that the questions asked were only about children using diapers. In the cases of individuals with disabilities they have no other options if they want to receive the benefits of a warm water therapy pool. I understand the issue of crypto, but has to be a happy median somewhere.

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What a great discussion topic! I hope aquatic professionals will weigh in on this important question. To me it's a balancing act. And just being aware that swim diapers are not enough to prevent crypto is a start. That way managers can take extra steps to ensure water quality: UV, more careful and watchful chlorination. Maybe it's a good idea to check sanitation levels before and after adaptive aquatics classes. Certainly, whatever is done, the most important thing is to continue serving this important user segment.


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