The Association of Aquatic Professionals Organizers hit a Grand Slam!

Congratulations to the visionaries that recognized the loss of educational opportunities left by NRPA abandoning their conference. Farhad, Julienne, Shawn, Terri and everyone else on the Board of the AOAP made me proud to be a charter member! Don't miss it next year in Austin March 3-6, 2013! In it's first year it rivaled anything we have seen in years. Great speakers, awesome networking and even good food! This was a first class event and those who dedicated hours to it's success should be proud of what they accopmplished. Did you go? What did you think?

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It was fantastic!! Way better than what was received through NAC or NAMS over the past few years. Alot of top notch speakers, great topics, amazing food, alot of vendors, the best networkign opportunities, and all of it was first rate!!

Let's keep growing this thing bigger and better! What a great start! Congratulations to all who had a hand in putting it together, pat yourselves on the back! If you missed this year, don't miss out on next year's opportunity! The best and biggest variety of all top notch aquatic information in one setting, you'll not find any conference worth more bang for your buck!

Good to hear. Wish I could have made it. Any talk of bringing it to California, or maybe somewhere other than Texas?

The San Diego County Aquatic Council did provide a scholarship to cover registration for one of our members.

2 more years in Austin, then they will see where the best place is to keep it affordable & accessible.

I couldn't agree more Wheels.  Star studded cast of aquatic pros from around the country paired with top flight educational sessions and trade show.  I took back a ton of good ideas and I would recommend this conference to anyone in the business.  I can't thank the leadership enough for putting this together.  GREAT JOB!!

Couldnt have put it better, you had great sessions by the way. 

I went and thought it was a GREAT First Conference! One of the best I have ever attended in 35 years! Will only get better as more Aquatic Professionals attend and participate in as many ways as possible. This is now the Must Attend for those in Aquatic Recreation of any kind! Cannot wait to see what is offered next year! I am already planning to be in  Austin March 3-6, 2013!

Bravo AOAP Board & Committees!

Wow.  Considering the source, what an amazing compliment, especially coming from someone who has attended MANY conferences for MANY years, your comments mean a lot.  Thank you Jim for your support from day one and to all the others that so generously donated their time and money and came and presented, exhibited, attended and organized.....the success of our conference was a team effort. The mission of the AOAP is well underway!  High five!

Everybody should join Now before they run out of Pins! :) 


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