Hi everyone,

We get questions on a very regular basis asking whether or not we're familiar with any tools that make tracking lifeguard recertifications easier. With so many different certs coming due at so many different times, folks are having a hard time managing it all.

I'm in the beginning stages of putting some resources together with ideas for making this very important process easier. Before I do anything though, I thought I'd see if any of you have recommendations.

Have you used anything in the past that just didn't work? Have you come up with a "homemade" solution? What requirements would you have for a long-term solution?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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As an authorized provider of ARC training programs we enter all of this info into the SABA system. Since all of the necessary info is entered into this program nationally why couldn't it then be used to help with the tracking of certifications, ie. a national database that aquatic professionals could use to access certifications of individuals who apply for jobs as well as current employees. Maybe lifeguards could look up and print off their own certs when applying for jobs. Just think - no more lost cards, photo copies of cards in files, etc. Perhaps even an online reporting feature where each AP could look up and check certifications that will be expiring. This might be a benefit or added value that I would actually be willing to accept an increased fee for........just a thought.
I work for an organization that operates four indoor facilities and four outdoor facilities with over 3oo lifeguards. What we have found to work the best is to have a "lifeguard database administrator". Any time a lifeguard re-certs or is hired, the copy of the cert is sent to this one person. They then enter it into a database. The person in charge of the "Database" sends out monthly updates that include each facilities lifeguards that will expire within the next 90 days. We then assign lifeguards to a specific course and the lead instructor sends all certs/licenses back to the database administrator for entry into the system. This method has proven to work great for us. If a lifeguard is expired, an email is sent out to all supervisors and the individual will not be able to work until the cert is brought back to current. Hope this helps!

I have an excel file that counts down to provide the number of days until a certification expires. I'll send it to you if you like.


The problem with asking the Saba system to track certs iis that it does not collect enough info about the identity of the person that is certified. Even if one entered the phone# or email address when submitting the course record, it doesn't seem, there is a way to update contact information.

I struggle to understand how ARC hasn't made the SABA system useful yet.  As with PADI, they could easily set up a program that shows if you're "authorized" so all customers and potential employers can easily access the credentials.  

It should also be quite easy to email all instructors when their credentials are 30-60 days from lapsing or when updates are necessary.  Having built an expensive system to provide support you'd think they would have had one aquatic professional on-hand to give useful input.

Unfortunately that one useful individual was busy kissing some administrative rear end and clearly dropped the ball.

I recertify my staff every year.  Every Spring/Summer all staff are recertfied no matter what, that way I know everyone is good.


I think I would really like something that could set alerts.  I usually need at least a month notice to get my expiring guards into a class and a few weeks to find and set a class.  So, if you could create something that allows users to set alert notifications, I think it would be great.

Sean E Sepela

I am probably too late for this post....perhaps the problem has been solved.  But thought I would add my two cents worth anyway.  PoolManager has a very effective feature for tracking certifications.  You keep the employee file which has a section for certifications.  You list the certifications for an employee and the expiration date.  It then puts a list on the dashboard of any employee who is wiithin 30 days of expiring.  It stays there until you update his or her employee file.  The software allows many users, so the employee is notified as well.  Just thought you should know.


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