Does anyone have any long-term solutions to treating algae?  We are experiencing your typical green algae in our indoor 50-meter pool and are having a problem with it coming back soon after treatment and I'm not sure if there are any other methods out there besides algaecide and/or super chlorination.  Any help would be awesome! 

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What do you currently use for chemicals in your pool?

Calcium hypochlorite to disinfect, Co2 to regulate pH and your standard bicarb as needed for alkalinity and calcium chloride to maintain calcium levels.  Thanks! 

One of the important things with algae is to make sure you keep up your treatment long enough to get rid of 100% of it. Shocking or adding an algaecide alone using kills the top layer of algae, but then the dead top layer can actually protect everything underneath it. I would try doing your typical treatment and brushing all the areas that are noticeably effected. Possibly try adding your algaecide, superchlorinating, and brushing all in one shot. You must have a lot of windows/skylights for your indoor pool to have this kind of problem!

Thanks Matthew!  The weirdest part is that there isn't ONE WINDOW in that pool.  It was renovated last year and never had this problem before so I'm not sure where it's coming from.  We will try a combination of the three methods simultaneously and see if that takes care of the problem. 


I would try a Phosphate Remover.

Cal Hypo Systems have a Phosphate based Scale Inhibitor in them, and you could be seeing higher than anticipated levels.

Hit me back if you need more direction.


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