Does anyone have experience with two way radios for lifeguard supervisors? We have 3 pools, 4 supervisors who may or may not be on duty simultaneously and a Director and Assistant Director. How distracting does the walkie talkie get to someone supervising and guarding at the same time? 

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There are pros and cons to this. Having two way radios makes communication easier so lifeguards and supervisors can pass on information easily.  However, you always have those lifeguards who do not take it seriously and can be easily distracted by having two way radios and just try to have a casual conversation over the radio.  All and all, I found it more helpful than anything.  Lifeguards can call for assistance for someone needing minor first aid, so that they do not have to take away from surveillance to care for the patron.  It was also helpful at my facility when a swimmer needed a deep water test, the lifeguard could radio for someone to come administer the test.  You also have to consider what to do if a radio is dead, how that lifeguard will send and receive the messages.  Also consider water proof radios.  I had a lifeguard drop the radio into the pool, ended the two way radios at the facility.

Thanks Ryan, that's what we've been having happen.  Good points!

We use walkies at our outdoor facility so that the manager and counter staff can talk to one another. We used to have one at the top of our slide tower as well (it has a good view of the whole park) but that one took too many trips down the slides so we had to take it away. We have a relatively small facility so our lifeguards use their whistles to communicate with managers. 1 whistle to get someone's attention, 2 whistles to call for a manager, 3 whistles to signal an emergency or clear the pool. They can be very helpful for supervisors to communicate with the front counter but we don't rely on them.


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