URGENT - Levels of Certifications held by Aquatic Supervisors

What certifications do you, as an Aquatic Supervisor hold, and what is your level of experience?

Looking for information to provide administrators to help them understand the importance of aquatic background and trainings for anyone taking a supervisor position over aquatic programming.

We are already referring to the requirements outlined in the MAHC, but looking for any other key points to cover. We also thought listing how many other entities have experienced, certified supervsiors would be helpful, especially if you are in California.

Please list where you are, and what certs you hold, and level of experience. Thanks for helping us protect the aquatics industry!

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I am an aquatic supervisor in Southern Maryland with about seven years' experience.  In addition to ARC Lifeguard certification, I am a state-certified pool and spa operator, ARC Lifeguard Instructor, and ARC Water Safety Instructor.

I currently hold three positions in aquatic program leadership with supervision, in-service training and staff development, and recreational programming.  I earned a degree in Fitness, hold instructor-level scuba diving certifications, and classroom teaching experience.

ARC Certifications: Water Safety Instructor, LGMT Instructor, Lifeguarding Instructor, CPRO/AED Instructor, Bloodborne Pathogen and Oxygen Provider Instructor, and Emergency Medical Response Instructor.

I am in north of California;

Experience: Over 25 years in aquatics: Water polo player & coach, Open water & ocean lifeguard, swim coach, 9 years of Aquatics Director

Trainning: Open water lifeguard, pool lifeguard, first aid, title 22, AED, CPR for professionals,  Bloodborne Pathogen and Oxygen Provider, CPO- pool operator certified, Physical education & sports course

I am the Aquatics Coordinator for the City of Twinsburg.  I have 7 yrs expierience.  I am a Lifeguard Instructor Trainer (LGIT) and Water Safety Instructor Trainer (WSIT), and am a Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA). Also, hold all basic and Instructor level Certs in CPR/AED Pro, Lay Responder courses, and CPO.

Thanks everyone for your help. We are still working on educating administrators of the importance of experience and certifications to oversee aquatics programming. This is a concern that I believe we all have, putting inexperienced, uneducated individuals in charge of pools can lead to unacceptable consequences, possibly even drownings.



I totally agree.  I also require that my Part-Time Aquatic Managers have their WSI and LGI.  I teach risk management courses and the one thing I say is who is training your staff?  Our Aquatic Managers help with in-service training and Monthly Skills so they must have their LGI to help train the staff.  I always say what is more expensive paying a little more for quality staff or the ripple effect from a tragic scenario (Lawsuit, upset community, loss in membership and program participation).

Currently live in northeast Mississippi.

Learned to swim at age 3.

Competitive swimmer starting at age 8.

First LG course at age 16.

ARC Lifeguard Instructor in 1996

ARC Lifeguard Instructor Trainer and Water Safety Instructor Trainer 2008

American Red Cross - LGIT, WSIT, FA, AED, BBP, O2 Administration, Wilderness and Remote FA Instructor.

National Swimming Pool Foundation - Certified Pool Operator Instructor

Professional Assoc. of Diving Instructors - Master Scuba Instructor

Number of people taught to swim - hundreds. (Confirm through Hawaii State Chapter and Northeast Mississippi Chapters of ARC)

Number of people taught to be CPOs - Over 250 (Confirm with NSPF)

Number of people taught to scuba dive - Over 300 (Confirm with PADI and SDI/TDI).

I believe aquatic supervisors should be certified in Miracle Swimming. It's the way leaders can understand the needs of the swimming students and patrons (and potential pool patrons) who are afraid in water (about half of them) or who become afraid in a situation at the pool or waterfront. Those needs are not understood commonly now. Nor are they included in any other trainings that I'm aware of. To be certified as a Miracle Swimming Instructor is to have in-depth insight into how learning works and into panic prevention, with panic most likely the main cause of drowning for teens and up, as far as I can determine. There are 46 trained Miracle Swimming instructors at present, nation-and worldwide. They bring a completely new awareness to their jobs as instructors, supervisors, and lifeguards.

We are located here in Iowa and at our facility we have 3 Aquatics Managers. I am the youngest manager and 1 of the Assistant Aquatics Directors.

My certifications are as follows:

LG-    10 years

LGI-   1 year

WSI-  9 years

WSIT- 3 years,

CPO-   3 years 

The other Assistant Aquatics Director certifications:

LG- 24 years

LGI- 14 years

LGIT- 1 year

WSI- 15 years

CPO- 15 years

Aquatics Fitness Instructor- 14 years

The Aquatics Director has the following certifications:

LG- 27 years

LGI 17 years

WSI- 26 years

WSIT 20 years

CPO- 22 years

Aquatics Fitness Instructor-14 years

I'm in Oregon and am the top (and only) administrator at my facility.

5 Years Experience as a Mid Level Supervisor at 2 facilities

2 Years Experience as the top facility administrator

3 Years Competitive Swim Coaching Experience (both USA Swimming and High School)

ARC Lifeguard Certified and practicing for 10 years (Also Hold the add on's)

ARC LGI for 5 years

Swimming Lesson Instructor for 10 years (first 5 in an in-house program with 2 years as a supervisor)

ARC WSI for 5 years 

CPO Certified for 6 years

CPO Instructor for 1 Year

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

I came into aquatics through introductory school lessons (we were bused to the pool for 2 weeks) which got me interested in competitive swimming. I went through USA Swimming into 1.5 years swimming at the NCAA Division 1 level. 

Northern California


ARC Instructor: CPR/AED, O2, Title 22 First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen

ARC LG Instructor Trainer

NRPA Aquatic Facility Operator

American Swim Coaches Association Level II Swimming & Water Polo

NAUI Advanced Scuba Certification

Aquatic Supervisor: 12 years FT

Competitive Swimmer for 17 years

High School/College: Swimming & Water Polo

High School: Swimming & Water Polo Varsity Coach

Recreation & USS Swim Coach

B.S. Recreation Administration

Experience: I am the Aquatics Training Program Coordinator for a 4-season ski and waterpark resort.  I have held my current position for 5 years.  I have been a certified lifeguard for over 12 years.  I have been an LGI and WSI for over 7 years.  I have been an AFO for 6 years.

Current Certifications/Licenses:  American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor (LGI), Lifeguard Instructor Trainer (LGIT), Water Safety Instructor (WSI), Water Safety Instructor Trainer (WSIT), Emergency Medical Responder Instructor (EMRI); National Parks and Recreation Association Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) and Virginia Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B).


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