Last weekend we had at our pool Vamos a Nadar. a program to teach bilingual kids from 5 to 18 to learn to swim. Our program was very sucessful with more than 62 kids coming and learn to swim. from this group the vast majority were latinos.

During the time of the swim lessons the parents had a water safety class and on the end everybody watch a water safety demonstration.

This program is a coalition of efforts of the county of Sonoma, American Red Cross and all the public pools in Sonoma County.

This group is doing this program in 6 pools since 2004 and this program helped to decrease the drowning on the Russian River.

Check the pictures!

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When is the next date of an orientation you'll be giving to the participants? I would like to make it up there and visit. Let me know.


Contact Rosie....

They still have two more events to go, one in Windsor and one in Cloverdale.



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