NPRA has ended the stand-alone National Aquatic Conference. What do you think of the decision? And does the industry need a show of its own? Why or why not?

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yes we are a unique profession,as we are the only groups which is require to achieve a certification license in order to be hired  and to maintain these certification through out our career. as well as other certifications which deals with a verity of health and safety rules and regulations governing the requirements,usages, treads and other information on health and safety. 


I don't know it just sad to see a parent groups closed the doors on the child they created .....


shame on you NRPA Board

As I sit here in my office and reflect on the loss of my dear friend of 22 years, the NRPA National Aquatic Conference I wonder where so many of us would be in the profession without it over the years. My network of some of my closest life friends, my knowledge that has lead me to many great opportunities in life and my career, the chance to Instruct young professionals and learn from old ones (and young ones), meeting the love of my life at NAMS, seeing great cities and amazing aquatic venues, having the opportunity to see products in person before buyinhg them... All vanished by the action of a board of trustees (?) under advisement of association paid staff with little or no outreach to the members that actually valued and volunteered to provide their programs and services. It is a sad day in the industry.

As I say in all my interviews for jobs, Aquatics is the "red headed step child" of recreation.  People just don't understand what we have to go through, what we have to do, and the consequences of not doing our job right.  And laws and policies are enacted by people who have no idea about what they are talking about, or how they will impact the industry. (VGB)  To be forced back into the general NRPA conference would severely limit the number of sessions that we would be able to attend.  We should absolutely have our own conference.  Whether that is at a NAC or on our own, we should have our own.

Jim, I totally agree.  :(  Looking at the pictures I have posted on AI connect of my very good friends that I met solely though the NAC and NAMS, my heart aches.  I saw it coming, but I really was hoping I was wrong.  The brutal reality? It's time for us all to come together and not worry about being just another "piece of the collective recreational pie", move forward as aquatic professionals.....together. 

Good grief, the hardest pictures to see are of the National Aquatic Branch Past Presidents.  All of that hard work in the name of Aquatics for many, many years....gone.  Wow.

(Missed seeing you this year Glenn and Bob!)

Glenn, Bob and Terri - Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and emotions. Bob you really said some great things.


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