What is everyone doing about the new fees?

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Under most business models, a facility charges a certain amount for a defined session (usually 4-6 hours divided into 30 to 45 minute class meetings). A course record is usually created for each session whether or not the participants pass.

With a simple change in participant tracking and course reporting, you can maintain a Red Cross program, submit accurate statistics, and still avoid submitting redundancy within your numbers.

In the new business model, you would track participants from session to session and issue report cards to denote progress through the program at each session's close. Since the Red Cross program itself has no minimum nor maximum hours, you do not have to issue certificates until the participant elects to discontinue lessons. Then, you only need to submit a course record for the highest level achieved.

For example, Billy is enrolled in Level 2 at the beginning of a 5-session summer program. At the end of the first session, Billy does not pass Level 2 completely and he is enrolled in Level 2 again for Session 2. This time he passes and is enrolled in Level 3 for Session 3. He passes Level 3 and goes to Level 4 during Session 4. Unfortunately, Billy does not pass Level 4 and he is going on vacation with his family during Session 5. Billy's mom requests a Red Cross certificate for Billy (he has been receiving report cards all along!). Billy is added to a Level 3 course record and submitted to the Red Cross (not his name, but he is counted as a Level 3 award). Billy is awarded a Level 3 certificate. Instructors for Billy and others are listed as instructors on one or more course records.

To assist the Red Cross with statistics, the total number of students participating in each level, the passing rate per level, the total hours of instruction given to each participant, the number of sign-ups per participant per season, etc. could be made available or submitted along with the course record(s). These stats would be useful for the facility itself and are more telling than simply totaling all enrollees each session.

No policy says that course records must be submitted at incremental points during your season. Tracking students and issuing only one certificate per participant per season will help you keep costs down and make stats more helpful to your program and the Red Cross.

Ron Arendas

The Red Cross should figure out that it is not worth spending all kinds of money becoming a WSI vs LGI, when you are going to make a lot less teaching 5 year olds.  If you want to keep your WSI submit 1 course record every 2 years.

To keep your students happy make a big diploma with lots of stickers and colors for the kids, something that will look great on the fridge.  For the parents we have a colorful skill sheet (no stickers) stating what was taught, what skills were mastered and which class they should sign up for next.

This makes everyone happy and it beats trying to find WSIs all year round, when you have great teachers who love working with little kids.


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