2012 is fast fading into the rear view mirror. As you contemplate the year ahead, what's the number one tip you'd offer new aquatics professionals to advance both themselves and the industry? If we get enough responses, we'll compile them together for wider sharing. Thanks!

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The number one tip I would give new professionals is to network.

-Those in our industry are facing similar challenges. As we put our heads together we can come up with innovative ways to fix our problems. Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes look at your issues, can point out the obvious solution to your problem that you are too close to get. 

Thanks for the tip, Joe! That's a great one. AI Connect is a great place to network!

After few years of financial contraction & new federal regulations we only can see expansion  of our facilities and our programs to serve better our communities and customers!

Always looking to provide a high professional and safe environment at our facilities!


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