The International Lifeguard Survey published in IJARE shows that out of 839 lifeguards, nearly 1 in 4 lifeguards admit to texting while on-duty providing patron surveillance. What's your texting policy?

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No texting @ all during work hours!

Zero tolerance, text or use a phone on the deck lose your job. I can't believe that is not everyone's policy at this point. This has been a topic of discussion for the past couple of years at conferences and workshops. Nice to see the survey validate how bad the problem can be.

Our lifeguards are prohibited from having their cell phones on them while they are on duty, period.  This includes when they are on-stand and when they are at the First Aid station.  If i catch them at first aid they are told to put the phone away and give a verbal warning.  I have never caught a Guard with a cell phone on stand but if I ever do they will be looking for alternate employment very shortly thereafter.

Thanks for starting this discussion, Rachel! This issues seems to come up more and more these days. AI has given it extensive coverage over the years. Here's a link to all of our articles

Hope this helps!

We have a strict no cell phones policy where I work, but I have seen some local pools do "random" scenario audits on days guards seem to break that rule. They do about 10 audits, but only one it the real audit, the others are ways to discourage guards from keeping their phones in their fanny packs. It seems to really work, because anyone texting doesn't have their phone in a waterproof case, and they don't have time to put it in one during the audit. It seems kinda mean, but honestly, I think it's brilliant. Some guards have had their phones ruined, but it is their fault, they know the rule, they took the risk, and that is honestly dangerous for the patrons.


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