The latest discussion, and article in AI, suggests that ARC is attempting to assure all agencies that they are willing to negotiate fees with agencies that would have difficulties with paying the $5 swim lesson fee for whatever reason.

While I appreciate that ARC is listening and taking feedback on how this new policy is going to impact everyone, is arbitrary negotiating with individual agencies the way to solve it? Will larger agencies have more bargaining power over smaller agencies simply because of the number served? Will agencies that cannot negotiate an affordable cost be forced to cease providing lessons? What will this do to the aquatic industry as a whole?

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All of the Cities in my county, Pinellas County, FL, are currently in negotiations.  We are unified in our thoughts on how the process should go down as we have a mix of large and small municipalities.  Will let you know how it goes.

Sadly, it will divide us. 


We will be left wondering if the "other guy" got a better deal! 


Instead of making the process functional from the national level... the ARC will spend a lot of $taff hours meeting and dealing.



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