Have you seen the new nationally standardized AP fees for H&S courses?


To have a WSI stay current I need to turn in my LTS records, now when I do that I need to pay $5 per participant. This announce came out last week, we did not budget for the next fiscal year to take into account the over $20,000 this is going to cost my agency.


It is too late to pass the fees onto the public as we did our annual fee increases with our annual budget. I am not sure what I will do, but I know that fiscally I cannot to send in course records this year for learn to swim programs.

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I agree Jim, a structural tree with contact info on the Instructor's Corner website would be great! I will pass that along as a suggestion to my contact, and I am sure Erich will read this and pass it along. :)


Josh, the person who contacted me stated that she had been involved in aquatics for 15 years, so let's hope all have some type of aquaitc background.

We asked around other pools in the area and we're probably the only provider that does the volume we provide in swim lessons. It seems to affect our budget the most as we can have over 500 participants in a Spring session of lessons.


We considered cutting back what we file to those just passing and/or instructors on the end of their 2 year cycle. We also thought about just filing the Learn to Swim classes and doing our own thing for Parent & Child/Preschool.


Seeing that we have a reputation to uphold of quality instructors (we have almost 100% WSI's teaching our lessons) and quality program, we had to pass on the cost to the consumers. We had to do it as an add-on fee (labeled as a fee assessed by the Red Cross) since our budget too had already been passed without raising fees.


Colleen....it will be interesting to see how your community responds to the additional fee.  Wondering what will happen to enrollment in your program.
So we are halfway through our first fall session of lessons and our enrollment is down by over 100 from last year at this time. We have had to cut back on staffing since the demand is not there. I have not heard a single complaint from parents about the Red Cross fees, but I am sure it is not helping along with the economy. We noticed a drop in our adult lessons this past spring, but it seems to be more across the board this fall. Even my demand for private lessons is down.
Many people don't complain they just go away... Maybe the fee is part of why you are down 100 registrations... Just a thought not trying to mind your business...


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