New Aquatic Facility Audits Course fr NSPF Makes Safety Audits Easier & More Effective

A new handbook and online training course on safety audits was launched
this week by the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®). “Drowning,
disease, and injury prevention start with understanding the specific
hazards,” explains Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., and CEO of NSPF. “The
Aquatic Facility Audits course helps managers, operators, and service
professionals view the facilities they operate with a fresh eye focused
on reducing risk.”

The interactive course allows participants to work at their own pace
through a series of topics that includes content in eight key areas.
Plus the course includes sample checklists and reporting forms.
Participants will learn about why safety audits are important. The
course steps the participants through the key areas to audit and
learners are taught how to actually plan and conduct a safety audit. The
course also teaches how to formulate corrective action, write audit
reports, and conduct follow-ups to ensure the desired corrective actions
are taken.

“NSPF is committed to helping aquatic facilities become more relevant in
the global fight against obesity and improved health. We do this by
empowering our industry with the training it needs to eliminate the bad
so the world can enjoy the good,” stresses Dr. Lachocki.

For complete details please read the news release at this link
or request a copy from me.

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