A new Pool Chemical iPhone® App from the National Swimming Pool
Foundation® (NSPF®) makes chemical dosing easier, faster, and more
accurate for pool technicians, facility managers, water treatment
managers and home pool and spa owners.  Several tools within the App
will help the user properly calculate the amounts needed of many
chemical adjustments in order to achieve the required chemical levels.
The user-friendly interface includes pre-loaded chemical formulas for the
most commonly used pool chemicals, organized by category. “A unique and
time saving feature allows the individual to customize the App by
adding, modifying or deleting chemical formulas.  People can create
their own dosages based on the products they are using.  They just enter
the information from the product label,” says Alex Antoniou, Ph.D.,
Director of Education at NSPF.  “Another new feature will calculate how
much a chemical used will cost. The user just enters the product per
unit cost in the formula.  Once the calculator determines how much of
the chemical to add,  the cost calculator tells how much it will cost,”
explains Antoniou.  

The new Pool Chemical App sells for just $5.99 and joins the portfolio of Apps NSPF introduced in March, in
partnership with inQ Mobile Apps LLC (inQ Mobile).  It is available from
the Apple® App store
Read about it here http://ow.ly/2krxu, order here http://ow.ly/2kqwD

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