Visionary Science, Artful Application Found at World Aquatic Health Conference Oct 6-8

If you haven't been to one, this is YOUR year to attend the World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC). Be one of the over 300 attendees who come together each year to understand emerging issues, identify opportunities and formulate future plans.  

This year promises "enough research to make your head swim" and several new events and features.
The National Swimming Pool Foundation® is jointed by the Aquatic Physical Therapy Section of the APTA who will hold their Aquatic Summit in conjunction with the WAHC bringing a whole new spectrum of leaders and topics to the conference and opening the door to an even broader range of networking and seminar opportunities.   

A scientific poster session and a juried Aquatic Art Exhibition adds texture to the conference. Is there an artist in you? Check out the call for art attached.You don't have to attend to submit.

Seminar lineup this year is terrific -
Attendees can choose from an impressive array of seminars; several presentations will bring to light new research findings from NSPF® funded grants.  
•    Aquatic health benefits (9 seminars)
•    Recreational water illness prevention (5 seminars)
•    Risk management (5 seminars)
•    Future facility designs and regulations (7 seminars and a roundtable discussion)
•    Disinfection by-products (4 seminars)
•    Industrial new technology (9 seminars)

Hope to see you there this fall!

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