I admit that I'm having too much fun with this wonderful outreach program...I swam with a Navy SEAL last Saturday! Thanks to the community commitment of the Navy SEALS and SWCC Scout Team here in San Diego- we have a diverse group of SEALs attending 7 April Pools Day events- in the diverse communities that make up San Diego County.

Kids are learning how to wear lifejackets, tread water and swim the sidestroke.  Lifejackets were donated by IPSSA and the events are sponsored by the San Diego County Aquatic Council. 

As a MOM I know that a lesson from a Navy SEAL on how to wear a lifejacket will stick!  Getting kids interesting in swimming by seeing and meeting Navy SEAL Heroes, while learning a few basic water safety skills...it's just all around wonderful.  Wish you could join us- 5 more events this month! I've posted a few photos- enjoy.

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Hi Mary Ann!  This sounds like such a great program and what a nice way to connect with such a recognizable entity (Navy SEAL)!  Having this diverse set of role models for participants is sure to promote continued participation from the kids!  Or at least, we hope!  :)


Thank you for sharing!



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