A 15 year old drowned at a camp last night around 10PM. This is a camp on a small lake and sunset is @ 9:15. It's reported that the area was unlit. Like the Mass. case IF YOU CAN'T SEE...CLOSE THE BEACH!

It was 88'F when I got off an inland lake yesterday and I'm sure they all just wanted to cool off, but a better choice would be turn on sprinklers.

We need to do a better job of educating the supervisors of beaches and pools.


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Unfortunately, here in West Michigan we are having a very bad season regarding drownings. We have already had 50 drownings and 40 recorded rescues and the season isn't over. Last year was also high, 68 recorded drownings on Lake Michigan (all areas lower, upper, and rivers feeding lake), compared to 39 in 2009. The stat f 50 this year, is just West Michigan, which is very alarming!


When facilities don;t follow safety procedures, and a drowning occurs, that is even more frustrating. Let's those of us in the industry be vigilant, "Not on my watch" needs to be the mantra!


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