As I've transitioned from working year round as a very active lifeguard to a sit behind the desk facility manager, I find that I'm not as fit as I used to be. I miss the svelter me.

This seems to plague a lot of former lifeguard-turned-facility managers. As the people I have  worked with and I moved up into more docile managerial jobs, our waistlines have expanded while our physical workloads have shrunk.

I've decided to take it gut on and have chosen to solve my problem before it gets too out of hand. 

My Solution?

I've decided to train for a marathon before the end of the year, and I'm bringing you with me.

I'll be recording weekly video blogs to talk about my progress and clips detailing some of my training, things I find useful, and other fun tidbits during the program.

Best of all, I'll be posting them here!

Let Us Know.....

Is this a problem for you, or someone you know?

Have you (or they) chosen to combat it? And if so, what is your solution?

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Good Luck!  I have been on a "5k a work day" plan for the last 6 months.  I slip a little bit here and there but always come back to that saying.  It keeps me going.

So you try to run 5k every day you work? Is that the premise of the plan?

Pretty much.  I started off slow just trying to do the whole thing.  Now I'm at the point where I am just trying to go as fast as I can.  It helps me too since I play in a men's soccer league.

Welcome to administration (and aging) Chris.  I have pictures of me from my Guard days on in the mix on my screensaver to give me occasional reminders that used to have abs.  My Facility Superintendent yesterday just pitched the idea of staff swims.  That way the desk jockeys get to get in shape and have our fit and lean Lifeguards swimming alongside us to keep us motivated :)

This is great!!!  Wishing you much success! 

I find that instead of swimming or working out primarily to stay fit its easier to get motivated to do things that are fun, but also are a workout in themselves. going for a bike ride helps me clear my mind. a hike in the woods lets me enjoy natural water and reminds me why I love what I do. A ballroom dancing class or a game of touch football in the park are all great ways to get in exercise and not have it feel like a chore or event so to speak.



Chris, this is almost always a battle for most Aquatic Leadership. We no longer have one singular duty - lifeguarding for example. I've seen this happen in my leaders and now I'm one of them. We get heavier, we get thicker around the waist, fatter in the face, and hurt in places that we never thought we would. These battle scars get worse and worse the more we sit in our thrones of power (the desk). We must command and delegate from these thrones and make sure everything is right with the world. But, we forget about the most important!

The beginning of this year, our Y introduced ActivTrax. It is a program that helps you keep track of workouts - cardio and weight-training, nutrition, and water consumption. It is my own personal assistant and you can keep track of it by kiosk (in the branch), on the computer, smart phone, and iPad. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I'm taking care of me. I realize that if I don't take care of myself, then I can't take care of others. Not only that all of us look at pictures of before and when we put on a swimsuit it is downright embarassing. Right?!

No more. If we want to lead by example. We have to be the example. 

I hit the gym for about 45mins to an hour during my lunch break 2-3 days a week and then swim for an hour on the alternating days. I also bike to and from work when the weather is permiting. That tends to help with staying in shape and keeping my sanity with all the office stuff!

I like to participate in the weekly lifeguard inservices. I could just create the agenda for the inservices and show up to supervise, but I find it more beneficial to jump in and swim with them, and take part in the rescues that we practice. Treading water while holding someone's head stabilized on a backboard while a new guard fumbles with the straps is no easy job, and not only does it give me an opportunity to show my guards that I won't expect them to do anything that I won't do myself, but it also helps me to stay in shape.


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