With the new year coming up more quickly than most of us expect, I'm finding myself looking forward. This could be our last year on earth (if you believe that Myan calendar thing) or it could just be the greatest year we've ever had. 

I'm excited for new opportunities to grow and develop as a professional, notably going to the Association of Aquatic Professionals First-Annual Conference in February. 

I'm also elbows deep in launching the construction phase of my first facility project,a 3 million dollar water-park, which is way more stressful than I thought it would be. 

On top of that, I'm healthy, happy, and getting married this year, so I have a lot to be excited about. 

What are you excited about in 2012?

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First, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! That is surely something to anticipate, embrace and enjoy.

For me, by far, what I'm excited about most is finally being able to offer our Wahooo SMS drowning detection technology available for sale and installation, and at a price that most facilities can truly afford. No more needless and preventable drownings at guarded facilities, be they pools or lakes!

Congratulations, Chris on your upcoming marriage! That is truly something to be excited about!

Good luck on your water park, an exciting challenge.

I am excited about a new grant program we are developing to expand our free swim lesson program from about 5,000 kids from five school districts to include another district with an additional 5,000 kids. If we are awarded the grant we will provide swim suits and towels, transportation to and from the school, and two weeks of lessons to each child K - 5th grade, as we do now, just doubling the size of our program by adding another location.

This is truly the most exciting and ambitious project we have going to reduce the number of drownings in West Michigan!

See you at the AOAP Conference!

That's awesome! 

Message me with some details, I really want to hear some more about this! 

Congratulations Chris!

2012 is the year I hope to feel competent managing my pool. I've had a lot of trial and error education. 

Lisa, would you be able to tell me more about the grant you're participating in?

I hope this is the year you get to feel competent. I've been at my facility for 3 years and am just now starting to truly feel comfortable. I'm glad to hear that other have had trial and error, I thought it was just me! Keep your head up, it will get better.

Chris: Congrats!  I hope the new construction won't cut into your time with the soon to be significant other.


Lisa: Awesome!  I hope it works out, and that you can double it again soon.  Back in the age of the dinosaurs, we were able to teach all the elementary kids in our area for two weeks of lessons, and give them monthly visits to the pool.  I think it is too bad that we don't or cannot do that as a matter of course in the schools.


I hope the Model Aquatic Health Code gets off the ground in 2012, and that our pools will be safer than ever.  Maybe Dave can help with this!  I hope the AAP conference can become as successful as the NSPF-World Aquatic Health Conference.  As a former NRPA member and AFO instructor, I am hoping the AAP can be very progressive and aggressive in promoting aquatics and providing education to the Aquatics industry.


Wow, now I feel like I need to go do something good for someone.  I hope this works for everyone commenting!

Great reply! 

MAHC will change the industry, and Dave's product may be just the thing to help all of us on the front line keep our patrons and guards safer in the water. 

I am also hopeful that 2012 will have fewer drowning deaths than this year. It seems like there was one an hour that was being posted this summer. We have to make this stop. 


Thanks for all the support! I'm so glad to hear about all of these awesome things you guys have going on and look forward to hearing more about them in the future! 

Hey Chris,

I'm excited to be continuing our Great Lakes Rescue Project and expanding to more venues. This year there were 86 drownings on the Great Lakes and hundreds more on our inland waters and pools. We will be launching a non-profit group and partnering with several others to reduce these numbers.
We will also be presenting at the NDPA symposium in San Diego. Here's hoping 2012 is a GREAT year!

Lisa: what district are you with? Along the Lakeshore? Maybe we should talk!


Yes, along the Lakeshore. I am in Holland, MI. Feel free to call me, I would love to get involved in your project. (616) 393-7595.

Awesome! That's great! It's nice to see people tackling drowning awareness and really pushing for education. Knowledge is power!

I am in Traverse City.  I would love to see our county involved.  Please let me know how I can help!



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