NDPA Lifesaver of the Year

Bob Pratt

Bob Pratt, the chief executive of the “Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project” has been selected as the 2011 Lifesaver of the Year.

Pratt is the Fire Marshal for the City of East Lansing, Michigan and co-founder of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project.  On Aug. 28, 2011, he and one of his class participants, Nick Rymut, rescued a boy caught in a rip current on Lake Michigan.

Read more here:http://blog.ndpa.org/2012/02/meet-our-2011-life-saver-of-the-year/

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It's going to be an honor to meet our "Lifesaver of the Year."  Can't wait to shake his hand at the conference and thank him for all that he does! 


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