Aquatics Section Members~
            Hope life is finding everyone well!  It is that time of a year again where we will soon have High School Swim Team season in full effect.   I was hoping to gather a list of information for the group to better prepare us when asked the usual questions(fees, amount of time/space, temperature and so forth).  Please send your answers to so that I can gather all the responses and create a Excel spreadsheet.  I will then send the results out to the whole group.  Thanks so much in advance for your time~
How much does your facility charge per lane per hour?
How many lanes does your pool have?
What is the length of the lap pool?
What temperature do you have the lap pool set at?
Does your pool host swim meets?
How much does your facility charge per hour for entire pool rental (meets or team using all lanes or is there any price difference)?
Is your pool part of a local school district or stand-alone (e.g. Parks and Recreation, Private, Service District and so forth)?
What is the name of your pool?
Jason C. Kemmerich
Aquatic and Recreation Supervisor
7300 SE  Harmony RD. Milwaukie, OR 97222
503.794.8080 phone
503.794.8085 fax

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