Is a event set up by all PE clubs at Slippery Rock University and is designed to allow students to experience the out doors. The Aquatics Club will be in charge of the Water Front portion of the event, water front beach, kayaking, canoeing, and more. The event is huge please spread the word to all PE majors to sign up for the event on D2L.

Lets lead the way Aquatics Club 

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Very Excited about this event.  Slippery Rock Students will be able to enjoy a large variety of outdoor activites.  There will be alot of opportunites to expereice the waterfront.  I am excited to try out the new Stand up paddle boards that SRU just got!!!!  Should be a fun day!!

Looking forward to seeing all the Physical Education Department at PE Palooza! It should be a really fun time for all of us to see everyone trying new things such as the stand up paddleboards! Bring your sunscreen!!!

This is going to be quite a treat for the PE department at SRU.  I love that we are pushing for more of the outdoor activity and enjoying the world around us.  This is going to be a wonderful experience, especially in a time period where most necessities are a click or touch away. I am looking forward to the kayaking portion of the day and I hope that others are too!

This is a great opportunity for PE major's to try out kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding,and stand up paddle boarding. Looking forward to a great time on the water!

I can't wait until tomorrow for PE Palooza! I am excited to be a volunteer and help out with the aquatic club. It should be a good turn out and so many new opportunities for PE majors to try out on the waterfront!! 

Looking forward to PE Palooza tomorrow! Hoping that the rains holds off until at least 2. Wish I could try the stand up paddleboards but canoeing should be a blast. I can't wait to see the PE department there. I'm excited!!!

I'm really glad the bad weather held off for today! It was great seeing people trying the kayaks, canoes, and the SUPs! Some were better and more graceful than others but everyone gave it a try nonetheless! Can't wait for next year!

PE PALOOZA was a huge success today! It was awesome seeing all the Health and Physical Education majors get outside and enjoy Moraine State Park. The weather was beautiful all day and I really hope we can do this again next year. It was a perfect day for the members of the PE department to get the opportunity to do something outside of a gymnasium or classroom setting. Thanks for all who attended and I was so excited to have been a part of this!

It was great seeing everyone at the lake enjoying the water venue! What a super day. Lots of FUN! Great job everyone!

Thank you all for the positive comments about PE PALOOZA. it was a wonderful day and everything was a huge success, we had zero injuries in all the events and the water portion was was great hit. Having a chance to try the stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes, in a safe outdoor environment was a great experience for everyone. We couldn't have done it without team work so i'd like to thank SRU"S PETE Club, Fit Club, PEK, and the Aquatic Club. 

It was a great event yesterday. I am glad that the weather was nice out and it seemed like everyone was having fun with the activities offered. I personally enjoyed canoeing and the stand up paddle boards. Thanks to everyone who organized PE Palooza, it was a success and I hope to see it next year as well.


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