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Hope you are having a great summer- Let us know what you have been up to this summer. A number of you have touched based and have done some great outreach in water safety and drowning prevention. Keep us posted and share your events and Post some pictures!

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Thanks, Mr. O! I hope everyone is having a great summer also. Hopefully I can make it up for a movie night or something this year. I've just been working for the YMCA doing Youth Sports and Aquatic activities. I just got hired as an Assistant Soccer Coach yesterday for Fox Chapel. So now I have soccer an wrestling to look forward to coaching later on this year. I'm hoping to doing some diving in 2 or 3 weeks. Hopefully the rest of the current/alumni students are having fun this summer.


Congrats on the coaching position! Please come up to the fall aquatic events. Hope you can connect up with Barry and the dive crew for some advanced diving.

Mr. O
Congrats to Rock Swimming alumns Tony Mehalic and Lee Bowers on competing in the Wildwoods pier to pier swim over the weekend!

I am having a great summer!  Unfortunately, I took this summer away from the aquatics and worked in the EMS field, along with adults with disabilities. Hope all is well with everyone!


Great to hear all is well! Good to hear you gained valuable experience in EMS field. I'll be talking with you and others about some great opportunities that will allow our students to gain experience in the public safety field. Enjoy the last few weeks before classes start.

Mr. O

Myself and two of my other classmates went to Highland Elementary School in Grove City, PA to give a presentation on Water Safety. This was my second year doing this presentation and the kids really seemed to want to learn and had a lot of fun. I also continued coaching for the age group swim team of Slippery Rock Eels Swim Team (SRST). All of the kids had a great season I can't wait for our regular season to start up in September! 

Great job again at Highlands!  The kids and teacher enjoy the water safety stations.  Look forward to more community outreach.

I had a great summer at Slippery Rock. I worked at Armco Park Pool guarding and teaching swim lessons. I also continued to coach with the Slippery Rock Eels swim team. Along with Emily, I am looking forward to the season starting soon!

Also looking forward to a great year.  Hope we can start some new programs.

I had a great summer back at home in Willow Grove, PA. I worked at Sunny Willow Swim Club. I was able to be the assistant coach again for the summer swim team, and I was also the assistant manager at the Swim Club, too. I was able to have a hands on positions this year by maintaining the filter system throughout the summer! It was great to get to work on the filter system day in, and day out! As for coaching, it was great to work with over 120 kids again, and coach them to their personal bests!! On another note, I was able to complete a fitness program I created at the swim club. For nine weeks, I tracked staff members and board of directors step counts. I had put them in teams and document their progress as they moved along! Overall, I had a busy summer and I can't wait to begin class and SRU Swim Club!

Good to see you back and look forward to the SRU Alumni meet.

I finished my internship at The Woodlands and got hired on as their Wellness Coordinator. Now I am in charge of their aquatic and fitness programs! I am also going to be teaching lifeguarding and private swim lessons. I will definitely be up to visit this semester! I'm glad to see everyone had great summers. 

Best of luck to everyone still in school! If you need me, my new email is and my number is still the same. 



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