Can you guess what CTD stands for?

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Confused Teenage Dorks?
Jim...I would like to buy a vowel? The letter A please.

Three words, the first one has six letters... All you get for now Tom ;-)


Nice one Clint!

Chronically 'thick' disorder?
I like yours better!

I am laughing pretty hard Sarah... Oh by the way Tom first word has 7 letters... OOPs, I'm a swimmer not a speller I guess... Good thing I don't set up Wheel of Fortune


The show might be funner to watch if you did.

They could change the name to "what did Jim try to spell"
Does that mean the first word is Chronic?

Chronic is the first word and that is the last clue...



In the medical field this would "circle the drain." Which does meet the requirement of 6 letters for the first word. But b/c it is Wheels it could stand for: career, casual, center, or carnal.

Chronic texting disorder

OR . . .chronic technology disorder


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