Can you guess what CTD stands for?

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Of course they do!! It reminds me of the old saying "if the only tool you have is a hammer...every problem looks like a nail."
All of the pool lifeguards rely almost completely on the rescue tube. Old school lifeguard instructors (Lifesaving and Water Safety) are dying off and retiring. The classes have been made easier and shorter. There is a HUGE void in the water safety community, the once respectable American Red Cross is no longer interested in Health and Safety. I'm really hoping someone steps up.
We're hearing about more and more drownings at guarded pools. I believe there is a correlation with the erosion of skills and techniques in the training programs. Letters to National have fallen on deaf ears or resulted in promises to contact me that never get followed up on.
Am I just a crotchety old guard or are others seeing this?



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