What is your protocol when you shut down your aquatic facility due to Code 2 (fecal contamination)? Do you offer free passes, refunds, or nothing to paid customers? Do customers need a validating receipt? We had to shut down 30 minutes before closing and were bombarded wtih requests for refunds? It was nothing we did to diminish the customers experience however in their view they felt we owed them?  If there is a mechanical, staffing or chemical issue then we refund and give passes for that one we are responsible/accountable for fully..  Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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Where are you? What location and how many facilities?
Tempe Arizona. www.tempe.gov/pools One indoor wave pool in regards to your question. We manage two other outdoor pools with one of them closed to public for the time being due to budget reductions. Plus we have a good size Splash Playground and three splashpads with more coming on line. Dave B
We do not refund money, ever. With that being said, if someone said they were absolutely disgusted and insisted on a refund we would give them a pass to come back another day. We absolutely insist on a receipt and if after 4 we give only after 4 comp tickets. In all honesty I have never refunded money or tickets with a fecal incident. But if we had this is our procedure.

I hope this helps!

Thank you Michael. Are you a public operator or private operator? Dave Bucher
Hi Dave -
I work for the City of Roseville in California. We operate three public pool facilities. We do not give refunds of cash ever. But if customers are unhappy about things there are times when we give them free passes to come another day. Like you we do this mostly when it is our problem - mechanical, chemical, etc. Yours is a tricky scenario, since everyone for the most part got to swim all day except for the last 1/2 hour. My gut is telling me I would give free passes for this incident, but it would depend on how many people, etc. Good question - I will be interested to see how others respond.

At one of the facilities I oversaw in the past we used to give free passes upon fecal closures. Then we started experiencing multiple incidents 30 minutes or so before closing (intentional?!), so we began issuing passes with time markings for admittance on another day after the hour of incident occurence. The number of incidents reduced significantly. (correlation?!)


The facility I oversee now has multiple pools, so we simply consolidate people into the other pools until fecal comntamination procedure has been observed. Regardless of complaints regarding specific features unavailalbe for that short time, we do not issue passes or refunds.


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