If you could tell a new Lifeguard one thing what would that be?

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One thing-- #1. Be completely prepared --&--totally/fully focused - AT ALL TIMES/no exceptions.!!!!.


Since only one thing. That's it for now.


Your Friend-Greg

Don't be afraid to ask questions and/or for help, it will only help you become a better guard.  Everyone learns differently and by seeking answers they are learning.  Being prepared and ready to go at a moments notice takes more time than most LG courses.  We always tend to watch over our rookie guards because they are still early in thier learning process.  You will find your best guards are the ones that sought out how to be better from the beginning.  
Stay focused. Practice your skills. Learn as much as you can. Have fun! (This is actually pretty good advice for all of us.)
Ask your supervisor who the best one or two Lifeguards on staff are. Watch them, learn from them, ask them questions, model your behaviors after them. Don`t be afraid... if I know Aquatics people (and I do) they will be happy to help you in your professional development.
I tell my new guards to stay focused & alert while on duty. Drownings really do happen & it will happen to you (in your zone) if you don't watch your water. I also advise them that while they're in that guard position they're put up on a pedestal & watched by all of the patrons, whether they want it to happen that way or not. The parents want to make sure the lifeguard is watching the water and the children idolize them & want to be like them when they grow up! So enjoy this glory & make me proud!
Treat everyone like they are related to you, your brother, sister, mother etc. Basic reasoning is that you would never let anything happen to someone you love if you could prevent it or you would do everything in your power to help them when they are in trouble. Additionally, you show the ones you love caring and respect.  And if a first time guard can do this you win on both the safety side and the customer service side. Pretty basic and easy for them to understand.
Don't let your guard down (pun intended) on or off the stand -> emphasis on preventive lifeguarding.
You're insurance and prevention. You're primary role is prevention. But there are situations that are out of our control or you may have missed an opportunity to prevent something, that's when we're counting on you to act.

Prevention: The goal is everyone goes home alive, and we do whatever it takes to make that happen.

I tell them "We are human and we all make mistakes... I don't care if you make 1 mistake a day for the rest of your life... Learn from your mistakes and don't make the same mistake twice."  You still hold them to a tight standard but they open up a little more if they know you are willing to be there for them.
I like it Gator, there is a lot that can be learned from failure...
Assumptions kill.


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