Did you attend?


What did you think?


I am curious to know peoples impression ofthe "new and improved" NAC and NAM School, got any thoughts ot share?

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I haven't read about those changes.  I'm just sad about the aquatic section.  In a world where we're specializing (can people ever see just one doctor without being referred to a specialist?), NRPA is doing the opposite. 
Hey Jim!  Did not attend, am no longer working in the Aquatic field, took a promotion at GT and now out of Campus Recreation - Aquatics.  But I agree with Ruth, it is sad what National has done with Aquatics.  Can't wait to hear from those attending - why don't you check with Dr. Chris - he is presenting at NAMS!


Do miss you in Aquatics.  I hope you can still network and go to conferences with us.


I'm not there but 1 day for NAMS.  I don't think so!
I did speak with Dr Spike, he did me a huge favor by taking my NAMS spot awhile back as they wanted me to talk on programming and special events and he was better suited for that and my job is too hectic.

I agree with you Ruth so very sad what they have done to the aquatic branch and all others.

Congrats on the promotion Deb, best wishes for success. Hopefully people will reply to this post.
I didn't attend NAMS this year, but did attend NAC.  Despite the location, I thought sessions and speakers were good.  But it really doesn't matter, because it was the last one.  NRPA is offering us 6 sessions they have already planned at Congress in the fall and one last NAMS before it all goes online.  Anyone else withdrawing or not renewing their membership like me?
We're following this story closely. Stay tuned for updates coming soon!


A group of us have started a new organization called the Association of Aquatic Professionals.  A professional Aquatic organization by aquatic professionals.  Stay tuned!



Thank you Charles.  I can't remember if we have met.  I checked out the new website and am excited to see Juliene and Farhad are involved.  I will be in touch and keep up on what AOAP is doing.  Let me know if I can be of assistance.




Keep me in the loop, I am interested to hear (join) this new org!

Sorry for the very late response to this discussion, just finding my way through this whole site, and now to your group.


Yes, I went to NAC and NAMS 3 in San Diego this past Feb. Comparing it to other NAC/NAMS would be like comparing McDonald's to Tahoe Joes, yes they feed you, but the quality of the food and service don't compare. With the exception of a few good presenters, it was nothing like the quality of previous NAC/NAMS conference. I am very disappointed that NRPA has done away with the Aquatics Branch ability to do their own trainings, and will most likely not be renewing my NRPA membership. Since I am no longer with a Parks and Recreation Municipality, solely an Aquatic Pool Authority (Special District) that was really all that I was using NRPA for anymore, aquatics resources.


I have joined Association of Aquatics Professionals and hope to gain there the quality of information I received in the past from NAC/NAMS.


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