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Triple Tiered Water Rates to Encourage Conservation

Started this discussion. Last reply by David Hoff Jul 20, 2009. 1 Reply

Improving Pool Water Conservation

Started this discussion. Last reply by David Hoff Jul 20, 2009. 1 Reply

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Pool Water Conservation using Solar Covers

Posted on December 9, 2009 at 12:17pm 1 Comment

As introduction to this discussion let it be said that the goal is the cause of water conservation.

Every year swimming pools are wasting billions of gallons of water that can be saved. In areas suffering from water shortages, "It takes only 200 pools using covers to save an entire 3.5 million gallon tank of city drinking water." It's well known that pool bubble covers are inexpensive and pay for themselves by lowering your water bill and chemical costs, so why… Continue


Posted on December 4, 2009 at 12:00pm 2 Comments


(if anyone knows the exact number of AG+IG pools in CA please reply in comments)

Here is the formula:

Length * Width * Average Depth * Multiplier = Gallons

Determine the Multiplier:

Rectangle, square, or free-form pool:multiplier = 7.5.

Round or Oval pool: multiplier = 5.9

So if in theory there were 2 million pools in CA and we average the aboveground and inground multiplier to 6.5; then average… Continue

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At 1:13pm on November 22, 2009, David Hoff said…

Solar Factory Pool Products, Inc

Partner and licensing Opportunities

Investor General Market Prospectus & Product Overview

Date: August 2, 2009

General Market Prospectus & Product Overview

Brand Description

Solar Roller ® Cover Stick™ for rolling pool covers

Rolls Odd-Shaped Pools in Sections like Pieces of a Puzzle!

Short Description

  • Just 200 POOLS using covers SAVES 3.5 Million Gallons of WATER!
  • FREE-FLOATING, rolls HALF POOL COVERS For Any Shape Pool
  • COMPACT and FAST, Includes OVER 42ft of TUBE!
  • ADJUSTABLE lengths, ONE SIZE FITS ALL up to 20x40ft
  • HIDDEN System is NOT AN OBSTRUCTION on Your Deck
See www.solarfactory.com

Target User/Customer

Swimming pool owners that want to save money on their water bills.

Product Pricing

MSRP $179.95

Product Stage

Branding, Packaging, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing.

Products Currently in Inventory

3300 Units.

The Challenge

To overcome the limitations of “full covers” on pools that can't use a deck reel.

To meet this challenge we have invented a system for splitting the full cover to overcome shapes like pieces of a puzzle, and manufacture a simple inexpensive free-floating tubular device that spans each cover section. Using the buoyancy of the already floating cover for support, the lightweight tubes integrate directly with the cover, do not extend beyond the cover so are hidden, and need no deck to sit on.

By enabling pools that previously could not use a deck reel to use a cover, we are meeting the demand to help communities save water, and home owners LOWER THEIR WATER BILLS. Plus, many communities already require a cover with a new pool, and that trend is growing in the wake of water shortages. So more and more people need a way to handle their covers.


Why This Product is Better

Deck reels (referring to competitors one and two above) are expensive and are difficult to get the cover to roll up straight (like re-rolling paper towels or worse yet, the TP). They also require a deck to sit on. None of the competitors making deck reels can handle odd-shape pools which are around 70% of pools and is an untapped market.

The third competitor referenced above (Solar Sun Rings) is different than a deck reel, but these 1.5 meter round inflatable ring pads blow around the pool, are slow to fish out of the pool and put back on, must stack on the deck like pancakes, and have a significant inflation failure rate. According to dealers consumers buy a set of them for $350-$450, try them out, and then many return them. For this reason some dealers have grown weary of selling them.

Our product rolls in 10-15 seconds a side, does NOT slow down the pool service tech (who traditionally dislikes covers for that reason), is lightweight and easy to handle, works on any pool (inground, aboveground, and soft inflatables because it becomes part of the cover not the pool), is one-size-fits-all (so is a single SKU), is easy to stock (case of six weighs under 50lbs and measures 45x10x8 inches), and is the most affordable solution on the market!

For distribution, if you read our white paper (see http://solarfactory.com/Solar-Factory/Solar-Roller/White-Paper.html) the half pool cover system will revolutionize the stocking of covers because half covers can be produced in just “fours sizes” rather than the +50 sizes of full covers. Reducing this mess to just four sizes means retailers can actually have stock on hand to support the surge in the demand for pool covers.

Take note we have sold over 900 units through our website with a low rate of returned units, so the product is market proven and ready for the national and global markets.

What's Driving the Market and Demand for the Product


One of the NEXT BIG Market BOOMS is in Water Conservation. The "2008 Energy Bill" requires metros to bill in ways that promotes water conservation. This means TIERED BILLING RATES, and will drive the solar cover market expansion to help pool owner's LOWER THEIR WATER BILLS. See: http://wcco.com/energy/water.rates.change.2.1057051.html.

The increased demand for covers means a demand for devices to handle them.


In addition to cutting chemical usage (and costs) in half, it is well known that an inexpensive solar cover can pay for itself in lower water bills because just 200 pools using covers can save 3.5 million gallons of water every year (that's an entire city water tank). Until recently in many areas water has been cheap, and only pools that can use a deck reel are able to handle a cover, so most pools won't use a bulky hard to handle cover even if the pool builder throws one in for free. However, with more and more communities going to water meters, the demand to save water will be increasing soon.

What's Innovative About the Product


Our Split-Cover System™ reduces the work of owning a cover and adapts to any shape pool because it's a half cover solution for rolling covers on free-form pools that can't use a deck reel. The rolling device for handling each half-cover is NOT a Reel, it's a COVER STICK™, and it does the trick on those difficult free-form shapes because it rolls covers directly on the water, and it's completely hidden so there's Nothing On Your Deck.

Many free-form pool owners already split their covers (at the advice of pool shops) to make them easier to handle by hand and overcome odd-shapes up to L-Shape pools. We have just taken this a step further by attaching a Cover Stick ™ rolling device midway through each half-cover to roll the cover right on the water, in seconds, no deck required. Rolls quick and easy the same way every time, never bunching up or winding off the roller which can happen with deck reels. Once installed the free floating Solar Roller ® Cover Stick™ actually becomes part of the cover and is always ready to roll by quickly popping on the detachable handles.

Sustainable Elements of the Product

  • Water Conservation to help many regional water shortages.
  • Lower Water and Chemical Costs to Pool Owners.
  • Lower Business Overhead for struggling Pool Services (chemical costs have risen 30% in the last year alone, is direct overhead for pool service companies, so saving chemicals through use solar pool covers is money directly in their pockets).

Third Party Confirmation to Claims of Sustainability

Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) is saving water due to Nevada's severe water shortage by providing $50 pool cover rebates. SNWA gave away almost 4000 pool covers rebates last year in the Las Vegas area and establishes a PROVEN MARKET.

Also, city of Roseville CA announces $50 Pool Cover Rebates!
See SNWA website at: (www.snwa.com/html/cons_coupons_pool)

Impact of the Product on the Environment

Tremendous water conservation and chemical usage reduction. Just 200 pools using covers can save 3.5 million gallons of water every year. We estimate on a national scale covers can save 100 billion gallons of precious water annually.

Why the Product is Important

This product will greatly assist water conservation in so many areas already suffering from water shortages. Note that evaporation of pool water is different than toilet flushes because this water cannot be reclaimed. Moreover, as an energy conservation measure the electricity to produce the wasted drinking water that goes into pools is another national savings.

In addition, the more efficient half cover distribution model will greatly enable retailers to stock covers assisting communities to support the cause of water starved areas (such as the Georgia, the Southwest, California, and others) in which some are already water rationing and promoting pool covers through rebates.

More efficient distribution means retailers and wholesalers will never be out of stock utilizing this revolutionary "just in time" stock on hand distribution model. Retail stores will more than ever have an incentive and the ability to stock covers at the store for immediate sale, rather than special order from the warehouse requiring customers to come back for pickup. The warehouse will benefit because they can enjoy the same profit margins, but move stock immediately out to retailers rather than waiting for truckload deliveries to sell off in their space constrained warehouses. And the customer will be able to get what they want, when they want it so that everybody wins in the never ending fight for water conservation.

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