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When it comes to your EAP - Don't Blow it!

As we prepare for summer and reexamine our Emergency Action Plans (EAP), I believe the trusty lifeguard whistle should now be scrutinized for its role when a catastrophe strikes. When investigations take place after a drowning or other serious water emergency, the actual use of the whistle often comes into question.  Because the whistle is used in aquatic facilities for a variety of reasons (communications, rule enforcement, emergencies) often there is misuse and miscommunication surrounding…


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Raise Your Voice

When I announced my departure as editor of Aquatics International, I assured everyone that in my new role, I'd continue to to have a voice for the industry. This blog is a fulfillment of that promise. Starting today, I'll be blogging weekly on AI Connect each Monday. I hope you'll bookmark my blog and continue checking back for my latest posts. But I know everyone's busy. So to make sure you don't miss this blog and select posts from industry thought leaders such as Tom Griffiths, we'll be…


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When was the last time you had some training?

As aquatic professionals we owe it to ourselves and the public we serve to take part in regular professional development. In March the Association of Aquatic Professionals will be hosting their second annual conference in Austin, Texas. The first conference last year was a great event and the line up of speakers and traininers looks great again this year.


Maybe you can't afford to go to Texas to train, if so then I  still encourage you to find something closer to home. Local…


Added by Jim Wheeler on January 27, 2013 at 9:29am — 1 Comment

Modern Swimming Pool Concrete and Its Ancient Past

Beneath the water and under the plaster and tile finish lays the fundamental element in most swimming pools: concrete. It has been used to reinforce a pool’s structural shell for over 2,500 years; the Ancient Romans were the first to use it in their baths. But what is it about concrete that has…


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Back to Basics

 Instructor reviewing primary assessment with lifeguards. (Photo(s) credits: Carol Berendsen, Emily Plurkowski, Mills College)

As we move closer to summer, it’s time to energize the winter staff and get them working as a well-oiled lifeguarding machine. There are several dry land skills that every lifeguard should be proficient…


Added by Pete DeQuincy on January 21, 2013 at 12:00pm — 4 Comments

What is Your New Year’s Resolution for Your Aquatic Facility/Program?

Some people say that New Year’s Resolutions aren’t any good.  They don’t work and they won’t last. But I disagree.  For quite some time now I have picked a professional project to initiate as my New Year’s Resolution.

I actually came up with this idea at my very first job as a young adolescent working at a lake in New Jersey. Frank Murray was an apple farmer who could not swim but he ran one heck of a swimming hole that turned into a prototype for today’s water…


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Show Us Your Stuff!

We often see words that don't sink in.  Most of our press releases point out that people from over 83 countries have taken NSPF courses.  The more I think about it, the more amazing it is to me.  We have the privilege to contribute to pool, spa and aquatic professionals on every corner of this amazing world.  Thank you for the faith you put in NSPF training materials.  We take that confidence seriously and are committed to constant improvement.  You deserve no less!!!

Help us…


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Puerto Rico Near-Drowning: What Lifeguards & Instructors Can Learn

A teachable moment for swim instructors and lifeguards has arisen from a heroic rescue of a drowning teenager in Puerto Rico by a tourist on the shore.

Jean Pendrich, a former champion swimmer for Scotland, swam through 5 foot waves to reach the boy

and tow him back. She said of the rescue, "“I reassured him everything would be all right but I was exhausted. I was swallowing lots of water and he was in such shock he couldn’t kick his legs."

The magical…


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