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The Difference Between Swimming and Freestyle

Freestyle is swimming but swimming is not freestyle.

If you were a boat captain with a group on your boat and a storm came up and the boat tipped over, you'd be thinking, "How many of these people can swim?" Who do I need to worry about most and rescue first?" You would not be thinking, "How many can do freestyle to shore?" You would not be thinking, "Who has their rhythmic breathing down?" You'd want to know, "Who can remain in control?" The ones who can't are the ones you'd go after… Continue

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Must We Research EVERYTHING?

Now that this blog post has been up for a month, I've just re-read it. Whew. How could it sound so right then, and sound so wrong now? Let me try this again.

Which is brighter, the sun or the moon?

How do you know? Did you read the research? Was it proven beyond the shadow of a doubt with repeatable double-blind studies? No? Then how do you know the sun is brighter?

You know because you can SEE it. You don't need any more proof than that. It's a… Continue

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Are you exclusive?

These days it's all about inclusion, and that's a good thing, but after reading this article about Disneyland's Club 33, I think there's something to be said about exclusivity as well. According to writer Ann Brenoff, "the members-only five-star restaurant was built by Walt Disney in 1967 as a place where he could privately entertain guests and dignitaries that visited the theme… Continue

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Children left unattended at your pool?

Our current policy allows children 10 years of age and older, access to the pool facilities without an adult. Children 9 years of age and under must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

What's your current policy? I want to raise the age for children allowed, unattended, to at least 13 years of age.

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taking advantage

I make it a point to try and be fit, after all fitness is part of our business, I'll come in early one or two days a week (really more like one day every other week) and spend 40 minutes or so on an exercise bike while reading the most current issues of Aquatics International or Parks & Recreation. But it wasn't until a conversation with my chiropractor earlier this week that it hit me; I almost NEVER swim in the very pool I run. Long story short; he said "Nick I'm seeing some more… Continue

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Should Babies be Dunked in Swimming Lessons? Listen to this!

Should babies be dunked during swimming lessons? Check out my FREE Podcast on this HOT TOPIC at Swim Lessons University.

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Automatic Pool Vacuums

I was wondering if anyone had a strong opinion (good or bad) about an automatic pool vacuum that you have used at your facility. I am looking to replace my current vacuum and am afraid that I am going to purchace another high maintenance machine. I operate a large pool (50m x 25yd) so would be interested in any opinions about larger commercial models. ($5,000-$6,000). Anyone have an good suggestions or brand/models to avoid?

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Listen, 1x per week of swimming lessons is clearly 100% better than ZEROx per week, and 1x per week is a great way to maintain swimming skills over the winter and certainly make some improvement.

However, IF you increase the frequency of swim lessons/practice from 1x per week to 2x per week you will CLEARLY see a significant difference in the speed/rate of improvement. STUDY AFTER STUDY clearly suggest when you increase frequency, you increase the learning rate.

As a… Continue

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Who's Your Inspiration?

All over the world, aquatics professionals labor in obscurity fighting the good fight for their local pool, inspiring yet another generation of lifeguards to take to the stands with vigilance, or devising ingenious designs to make facilities more safe, fun and healthy.

It is these I want to recognize today. And it’s all thanks to a reader, who reminded me of something very important: Aquatics is a profession that’s built on mentors. Think about it. People certainly don’t get into… Continue

Added by Gary Thill on February 3, 2010 at 9:33am — 4 Comments

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