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Keeping Up With the Céline Dions'

The celebrity gossip columns and locals in Martin County, Fla. are buzzing about the new … Continue

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The 7 "UNDER's" of (near) drownings pdf

The 7 ‘UNDERS of Near drowning.pdf

please let me know if this simple concept for reducing and avoiding near drownings can be improved. please feel free to use this in any training that you think might be valuable to save lives and avoid injury.


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The World's Largest Swimming Lesson - Sign up now to help build awareness of drowning prevention!

Check out http://www.worldslargestswimminglesson.org/

The nation's top water safety and training organizations are joining forces to present The World's Largest Swimming Lesson™ (WLSL), Thursday, June 3, 2010, to build awareness about the vital importance of teaching children to swim to help prevent drowning. On June 3rd, waterparks, pools and other aquatic…


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First I would like to thank everyone for signing up to be a fan on our FB page!!! We got 100+ in the first week and haven't even started the season. Next if you haven't already make sure you don't wait to schedule your sessions.

Time slots have been filling up fast and space is limited.

Remember you can register on www.edgeaquatics.com or by calling 888-954-SWIM.

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Colorado Springs Swim School Launches "Teach Me How to Swim" Campaign

Col Springs Swim School launches new Teach Me How to Swim Campaign - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xmd4q3RkLIc - looking for ways to join with others who have the same goal. Open to suggestions...

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Will I See YOU at the National Drowning Prevention Symposium?

I will be heading up to my home state of Pennsylvania next weekend to attend the 9th Annual Drowning Prevention Symposium on April 26th and April 27th. Many of my friends know that I am a Johnstown, PA native and did my undergraduate work at California University of PA, not to mention that I spent half my youth at swim meets in Pittsburgh! At any rate, I’m looking forward to visiting my family and friends on Friday and Saturday before… Continue

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Swim Tests

I am just wondering what others are doing as far as "Swim Tests". Meaning, the child is wanting to go down the slide but is not tall enough, but wants to take a siwm test to show us that they can swim. How would you handle this, and what is your critieria that they would need to meet.

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Summer, 2010: Will The Same Teaching Errors Be Made Again?

Will The Same Teaching Errors Be Made Again in 2010?

Yes. But let's see how many we can eliminate right now.

Here we go, Summer Swim Lessons, Version 2010!

How many swimming instructors will tell their students, "You must be horizontal to float correctly?"

How many will expect their students to grin and bear the things that aren't comfortable in order to get to the other side? How many will send the message, "Swimming is getting from here to… Continue

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NEW Awards Bracelets for your Learn-to-Swim Students!

NEW Awards Bracelets for your Learn-to-Swim Students!

You are going to absolutely love our upcoming latest addition to Swim Lessons University. It our brand new “paperless” Swim Proficiency &

Water Safety Awards System. …


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ADA Compliance and Lifts

Recently a woman who uses a wheelchair contacted me, because she would like to start swimming in one of my facilities to train for a triathlon. After she contacted me, I quickly set out to to ensure my staff was trained on the proper use of the lift at the facility she wished to swim. The lift at this facility had not been used since I began working at the University in August of 2009, and although I knew how to…


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Wetsuits and Swimming Lessons

Have you ever tried a wetsuit for teaching?

Have you ever thought about a wetsuit for your “learn-to-swim” students?

While I started wearing a wetsuit back when I taught in “unheated pools,” now even when I teach in heated, warm water pools (87 plus degrees)–I won’t teach in anything else!


1. I’m a better teacher when I’m warm!

2. I use a fraction of the sunscreen which is not only quite convenient, my savings in sunscreen probably will pay… Continue

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The 7 "UNDER's" of (near) drownings

I developed these contributing factors for (near) drownings.please let me know if you agree or if i missed any!

If you like and want to use these for training please just credit them to me!


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