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Is Lochte’s Reality Show Good for the Sport?

Premiering this past Sunday on E! television channel, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? is Ryan’s latest project out of the pool.  But the questions I’ve been asked by friends (and beginning to ask myself) “Is What Would Ryan Lochte Do? good for the sport of swimming” and “Is Ryan Lochte the…


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CPR: Synchronized Teamwork

3-Rescuer CPR with BVM and AED (Photo credits: Emily Plurkowski, Mills College)


CPR is a complex skill that requires constant training so that it will be performed well under the stress of a critical incident. Mastering breathing and compressions is only one aspect. Lifeguards need to be able to perform CPR…


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SWB: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Just when the major water safety agencies (ARC, YMCA, NSPF and others) come together to ban excessive and prolonged underwater swimming and breath-holding to combat unconsciousness and drowning, the media kicks it up a notch by glorifying this deadly practice.  The movie Chasing Mavericks is a must see for anyone in water safety. This story about a young boy who trains to become a world class big wave surfer, repeatedly shows his breath-holding antics, in the classroom, in his bathtub, in…


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Pool Operator Training Saves Money

Did you know that 24 states and many counties require operator training for those that operate a public pool?  If your jurisdiction doesn’t require training, should you still get training?  The answer is…absolutely as it will save your facility money! 

We can all assume that a properly trained operator will yield a safer swimming environment for patrons.  But, did you know that preventing outbreaks of recreational water illnesses (RWI’s) can also result in substantial cost savings? …


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San Diego County Aquatic Conference

The San Diego County Aquatic Council is hosting a mini conference on April 12 at the City of Coronado featuring presentations from Dr. Alison Osinski, Jim Wheeler, Tina Dittmar, Johnny Johnson, Mike Espino, Heather Woodland, and Nicole Van Winkle. The cost is $30, includes lunch and a free registration for the TOTAL Guard Training with Jim Wheeler on Saturday. SDCAC, SCPPOA, and CPRS members pay $25, or you can register for the TOTAL Guard workshop only for $10. Register at…


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