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How many of your pools are opening on Thanksgiving and the day after?

Just checking if you are open on Thanksgiving and the day after?

We are open both days:-)

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Non-profit NSPF's funded research helps people live healthier lives and encourages more people to get in the water. Not bad for the future of our industry eh?

Here's the news scoop sent out today. Tell us what you think!

Research Grants Totaling $117,974 Awarded by National Swimming Pool Foundation®


Colorado Springs, Colorado, November 13, 2012 — The National Swimming Pool Foundation® Board of Directors is pleased to announce it has continued its commitment to fund research to study the health benefits unique to aquatic…


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The Winner of the Fix My Facility Contest Is...

AQUATICS INTERNATIONAL received some great submissions from industry members who would love to give their facilities a renovation fix. While the judging was difficult, ultimately, Richelle Harvey with the Aqua…


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Together we can make a difference - watch how!

Together we can make a difference

Watch this brief, compelling video.

Step Into Swim Video Contest Has a Winner

A winning video encourages donations to bring…


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Goodbye, Hello

I’ve written a lot of columns in my nearly 10 years as editor of Aquatics International. But this one is the most difficult. This is the one where I say goodbye to a magazine I’ve come to love like a child and a group of professionals I’ve gotten to know like family.

Our November/December issue of the magazine is the last in which my name will appear on the masthead as editor. And as with so many good byes, this one is bittersweet. The bitter part is knowing how much I will miss…


Added by Gary Thill on October 29, 2012 at 3:46pm — 3 Comments

Toddler Drowning Prevention-- Keep the Message Simple!

Despite the passage of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool Safety Act, the construction of barrier fences around private pools, an increase in the number of learn to swim programs targeting young children (ages 1-4), the drowning rate in this category remains alarmingly high, especially among African American children.

During a drowning survey by Fletemeyer, it was discovered that nearly 58 percent of…


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Time To Train

The first step to becoming a lifeguard is to get certified.  There are several certifying organizations, including the American Red Cross, Ellis & Associates, YMCA, and StarGuard.  After successful completion of the course, lifeguards receive a certification that is valid for two to three years and provides everything a lifeguard needs to know before applying for a job. Or does it? 


As aquatic center managers and facility…


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A Culture of Giving Begins for Step Into Swim Campaign. Will you step forward too?

Industry leaders stepped up with donations exceeding $41,000.

In just a few months since the Step Into Swim Campaign was launched, a group of visionary pool, spa, and aquatic leaders have stepped forward to donate more than $41,000, reports Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of …


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Congratulations to London and Great Britain

Here's a brief note written by Tom Lachocki, NSPF CEO, to our friends across the pond

Congratulations to London and Great Britain for your role in hosting an extraordinary Olympic Games. Getting such a theatrical and imaginative introduction to your culture and history bracketing extraordinary athletic achievement was a pleasure to behold. I hope you all are brimming with well deserved national pride!!

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A Father and Daughter’s Lifelong Swim

As I was passing alongside New York’s East River recently, taking a break from my busy schedule and enjoying the view, I began thinking about the experiences I have encountered from the early years of my life as “Daddy’s Little Girl,” being his first born.  All of a sudden, I felt such a huge hole in my heart thinking about how fragile he has become as a 90+-year-old man. I wanted to jump in the water and swim my tears away, but instead held them back by focusing on the many wonderful…


Added by Dr. Jane Katz on July 31, 2012 at 2:17pm — 3 Comments

Swimming Instructions' Missing Skill Set

In 1910 or 1912 when Wilbert Longfellow started teaching swimming and began training people to be swimming instructors, he said, "In order to learn to swim, you must overcome your fear."

This truth was lost in the past 100 years. What happens when a truth is lost?

Many people suffer. In this particular case, many people have drowned.

Two people, Paul Lennon and I, realized in the 1980's that the lessons we were trained to teach didn't work for half our…


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What Are Your Biggest Pains-in-the-Neck About Teaching Adults?

As we all know, there are far more children's swimming lessons given in this country than adult lessons. This is true even though there are 3 times as many adults in the U.S. as children (U.S. Census, 2010). And about half of adults can't swim (Gallup, 1998).

One might think that the market for adult lessons would be staggering (and it is) and that anyone who wants to expand their swimming instruction business would want to capitalize on it.

However, many swim instructors are…


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Contact:  Sarah Houseknecht…


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Step Into Swim Video Contest - we need creative industry people to submit a video!Step In to Swim Video Contest – $1,500 – Over 18 yo – EXTENDED to AUGUST 31, 2012

Your creativity is needed to produce short videos to touch people’s emotions to encourage people to learn to swim. The Winning videos will be used to promote the Step Into Swim™ Campaign to raise funds to donate to organizations that create more swimmers.



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Emily Device makes waves with first rescue in Oregon

A life-saving device named after Malibu's Emily Shane made its first rescue this weekend in Oregon.

The EMergency Integrated Lifesaving LanYard—or EMILY—is a 25-pound, remote-controlled robot fashioned much like a baby jet ski, which was adopted by the Depoe Bay Fire Department last year.

According to Depoe Fire Chief Josh Williams, the device was instrumental in the rescue of a father and son at the Otter Rock surfing area in Oregon Sunday afternoon.

"We are pleased…


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Low Water Crossings: The Hidden Danger

Nearly half of all flood related deaths occur in vehicles. Most of these deaths take place when people drive into flooded highway dips or low drainage areas.

A low-water crossing is where a road, without a bridge, dips across a normally dry creek bed or drainage area. Motorists who attempt to cross these flooded low-water crossings are putting themselves, their vehicles, and any other occupants of their vehicles at deadly risk.…


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New Pennsylvania Law aims to discourage driving during floods

A law signed by Gov. Corbett last week allows a fine of $250 to $500 for a violation, two points on the offender's driver's license, and the cost of any rescue by first responders. The law, which drew unanimous support in the state House and Senate, takes effect in September.


We encourage you to review this article at: …


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Will you give a little to create a lot?

That's what industry members are urged to do by National Swimming Pool Foundation CEO Tom Lachocki - We're asking everyone in industry to Step Up and Give $10 to Step Into Swim Campaign. Ten dollars is not a lot to ask -- and if you take that one step, NSFP will take the next step up to $20.

Here's the news release announcing the campaign today; please, take a moment, and step together with NSPF on this initiative.

Step Up and Give $10 to Step…


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