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A Call to Empower

As the summer swim season approaches, I’m aware that this will be the first time some lifeguards will experience sitting in a lifeguard tower or chair with a holiday size crowd. This is a call to empower that rookie lifeguard. Let them know that if their zone gets too crowded, it’s okay to call for back-up or request an additional lifeguard for the rotation. It’s not about testing the limits of what they can handle; it’s about preventing an unsafe situation from happening.

As a…


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HCF Study Underway in Wayne NJ!


At the Wayne YMCA in Wayne, NJ, efforts to prove a "Simple Truth" about Chlorination and Chloramine reduction are underway.  This High Use Aquatic Facility (Its a YMCA Pool, remember?) is being scrutinized over the next 60 days to track Free & Total Chlorine, ORP and pH readings, as well as Particle Counter readings to gauge filtration efficiency.  

For the first 30…


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Mindlessness to Mindfulness

With the big Memorial Day weekend coming up to kick off the traditional summer season, we hope lifeguards will make every attempt to convert “mindlessness” to “mindfulness.” In a survey we recently conducted and published in IJARE, vol. 7, issue 1 with nearly 900 lifeguards, one of the most common responses lifeguards said they feel while lifeguarding is “bored” and “boredom” while providing visual surveillance.




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Using In-water Ventilations

Instructing Jaw-Thrust (with Head Extension) Maneuver. (Photo credits: Emily Plurkowski and Pete DeQuincy, Mills College)


In-water ventilation provides a victim quick effective care when immediate extrication is not an option. It’s performed on a victim who is unconscious, not breathing, has a pulse and cannot…


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Employee Retention & Wisdom

There is so much information in our world. So much of it is rubbish. Have you ever dwelled on something you read or learned and wished everyone knew it too?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “I don’t want to train my employees because they leave?” The troubling corollary to this statement is that “I prefer not to train them so they stay.” Yikes! The logical flaw here is obvious. Who wants to retain untrained employees? The challenge is how we retain trained employees.



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