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Associated Press Reports on CPSC revokation of unblockable drain rule

This story has now been picked up by more than 135 news outlets since late yesterday.
NSPF was interviewed, you will see a slice of Tom Lachocki's comments.
We urged the reporter to amend her story and include the fact that there have been NO
deaths or injuries related to entrapment since 2008, and that conversely there were more than 1500 drownings this season alone. She did amend to inlude info on the entrapment, but had a word count…

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News Alert & CALL TO ACTION re CPSC to vote on reversal of P&SSAct decisions


From the National Swimming Pool Foundation
Contact Laurie Batter



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Annual Burst of Swimming Lessons Interest: September

Every year in the end of August and September, all those adults who missed another summer of swimming rue the fact that they still haven't done anything about it. They deluge our inbox with orders for books and DVDs. And classes. We're full for the rest of the fall.


Though they can see from our website where our licensed instructors are, some not covered by our list desperately ask anyway: do you have any instructors in my town? In my state? —"No, sorry! We need email…


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Is it okay to Brag about yourself?

Media relations, public relations, marketing folks we love to talk about our clients, but when it comes to highlighting ourselves we are often a bit shy. As was I when Spa Retailer magazine asked to write a feature on me.  In fact, it's a really nice piece, (blush), and yet I was feeling odd telling you all about it. Yet, all my colleagues insisted you would want to read. So please, here it is, tell me what you…


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There Is An Answer to Drownings: Panic-Prevention

Note: this post was edited 3/2012 to place a missing video (the first one below).

If you want to teach your child to tie her shoes, do you say, "Tie your shoes!"

No. She'd be lost. Where to start, she'd be thinking.


If you want to teach people to prevent panic, do you say, "Don't panic!"?

No, but people do. It doesn't work. It's been tried. And how many people have drowned since then?


If you want to prevent most of Laurie Batter's…


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NSPF weighs in on latest news about Fall River, Mass. drowning tragedy

Here's the latest horror about the Fall River drowning. Don't let this be the pool you care for, make sure your operators are trained, certified, conscientious and not driven to look the other way.


State pools often stay open after failed tests

Health inspectors’ findings ignored; water quality frequently bad.

State-run pools came under intense scrutiny this summer after Marie Joseph drowned in a Fall…


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Summer Drownings ‘Snapshot’ Paints a Tragic Picture

About 416 children, 204 teenagers and 972 adults drowned nationwide this summer according to tracked media reports released by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. August 31, 2011—While most families will hold fond memories of the fun they had at the pool or beach this summer, at least 1,592 families will remember the summer of 2011 with deep sorrow as the time when their loved one drowned.

“This summer was marred by tragedy for too many…


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