November 2010 Blog Posts (6)

ALERT to the Swimming Community: Has the Same Error Been Made AGAIN?

The same error that's been made literally millions of times since 1912 has, I'm fairly sure, just been made again—by two very powerful, influential, respected swimming organizations. They know not what they've done.

I say "fairly sure" because I have not seen the new release yet. But it's pretty safe to say that my suspicions will be confirmed.

This major error can be corrected. …


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Prevent Childhood Drowning

Today’s blog is to announce a podcast I just recorded and published with one purpose: To reach as many parents as possible and potentially save the life of a child. The purpose of the podcast is not only to prevent unnecessary drowning, but to prevent and recognize how devastating nonfatal, near drowning can be as well.

I have dedicated this podcast to Samual Morris.…


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Swim Lessons for Infants

Should you start your baby (under the age of 2) in swimming lessons? Swim lessons for infants? Swim lessons for toddlers? In my opinion, that really just depends on two things:

1. It depends on whether or not the experience will be a positive one.

2. It depends on whether or not you have reasonable expectations.

If you can answer yes to those two questions,…


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Drowning of Two-year old Skyler Ray Inspires Us All

One of the most emotional days of my career as a Water Safety Professional was the day Skyler Ray Bell's uncle, whom I have never met, emailed me and shared Skyler's story.

Skyler was a precious two year old boy who drown this past June. Like many families, Skyler Ray's family is sharing their story in an effort to prevent future drownings. I was so humbled by the entire experience, I offered to dedicate my Infant Toddler Swimming Talk at the Swim Lessons University Conference in Las… Continue

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Swim Lesson Tools

Swim Instructors and coaches from every sport are always looking for that new piece of equipment that will help their students or athletes perform better. We all want to think of our programs as state-of-the-art, with the most up-to-date teaching methods, curriculum, etc., which includes our swim lesson tools. Personally, whether I’m

coaching or teaching, I look for ways to put a little variety in the lesson just to keep things interesting. Let’s admit it,…


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Blaming the Victim

Some readers may have taken one look at our provocative November/December cover and wondered, “Why must we dwell on such an unpleasant topic as sex abuse? Why do we want to draw attention to an issue that has already given aquatics a black eye?” I can answer all of those questions with two words: the victims.

Those are the brave young women who came forward to expose the sex abuse scandal brewing at USA Swimming for more than three decades — as well as any who remained silent. If this…

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