December 2009 Blog Posts (13) publishes "Should Flotation Devices be used in Swimming Lessons?"

I received an angry phone call from a parent (the parent was not at the swimming lesson): “My son is on a swim team and doesn’t need a life jacket. Why does he have to wear a life jacket during swimming lessons?”

Read my answer and insight on whether or not flotation devices should be used. View my entire new article just published… Continue

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How to Teach a Water Safety Lesson to Children without a pool!

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from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

How can you teach water safety to children without a having a pool? Here are seven ideas and video highlights that will help you get started!

When I am asked to “take the stage” at an event like a Safety Fair or Children’s event at a mall, park, or children’s fair–the first challenge is always getting the kids to… Continue

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“How to Teach Swimming Lessons to Preschoolers” now available on

Do you approach your preschool lessons differently than your school aged lessons? I do now!

In my latest article on, you can learn my new approach to teaching swim lessons for preschoolers, including why and how it’s different!

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N.Y. Times Co. publishes “A Sample Progression for Teaching Swim Lessons to Infants And Toddlers”

Teaching a baby or toddler to swim can be an invaluable experience.

In my most recent article on, I answer three frequently asked questions about swim lessons for infants and toddlers.

1. Can a baby or toddler learn to swim?

2. Can an infant or toddler learn freestyle or backstroke?

3. Can you drown proof an infant or toddler?

Not only will you learn the three types of approaches to teaching babies and toddlers and which one is… Continue

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WikiHow names “How to Choose a Swim Instructor” a Rising Star

Jim Reiser’s article, How to Choose a Swim Instructor, was selected as a “Rising Star” and featured on the WikiHow home page under “new articles.”

By the way, Swim Lessons University’s feature of the week is “Bathtub Baby 101,” How to Make Bath Time Your Baby’s First Swimming Lesson, and it is discounted this week only by 20%! So you can have it now for… Continue

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How to Teach Group Swimming Lessons

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Have you ever wondered if there were some simple tips that could help make teaching swimming to small groups (6-12 students) easier? You’re in luck! Here are some teaching strategies (and even a DVD Video on Teaching Group Swim Lessons) that will make teaching easier for you, and more… Continue

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N.Y. Times Co.,, publishes article on Swim Lessons and Dunking Babies

Dunking Infants and Babies is always a big topic of discussion when it comes to learn-to-swim and swimming lessons for infants and toddlers. Should baby swimmers or toddler swimmers be dunked or not?

View my recent article on and the five rules I train swim instructors to follow when it comes to Infant-toddler swim… Continue

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Should Band Aids be banned?

Over the last 3 or so years I have seen an increasing amount of band aids either stuck to the pool deck or floating in the pool.

Obviously this is more than just an aesthetic problem and requires bio hazard treatment.

Has anyone noticed the same?

Do you use signage or posted policy addressing the wearing of band aids while swimming?

Typically when a minor first aid scrape occurs we give out a band aid… Continue

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Pool Water Conservation using Solar Covers

As introduction to this discussion let it be said that the goal is the cause of water conservation.

Every year swimming pools are wasting billions of gallons of water that can be saved. In areas suffering from water shortages, "It takes only 200 pools using covers to save an entire 3.5 million gallon tank of city drinking water." It's well known that pool bubble covers are inexpensive and pay for themselves by lowering your water bill and chemical costs, so why… Continue

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The Best Christmas Gift of all . . . Save an infant or toddler’s life!

Did you know that over half of all drownings for babies occur in bath tubs? According to Safe Kids world wide, that is a fact. View my FREE YouTube video on Drowning Prevention & Water Safety for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Because we KNOW that infants and toddlers are drowning in the winter too (because they drown in bath tubs)–PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH A FRIEND who has a little one. You could… Continue

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(if anyone knows the exact number of AG+IG pools in CA please reply in comments)

Here is the formula:

Length * Width * Average Depth * Multiplier = Gallons

Determine the Multiplier:

Rectangle, square, or free-form pool:multiplier = 7.5.

Round or Oval pool: multiplier = 5.9

So if in theory there were 2 million pools in CA and we average the aboveground and inground multiplier to 6.5; then average… Continue

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Swim Lessons University’s YouTube DVD Sample of How to Teach Butterfly is now online!

Watch 7 minutes of sample video from Jim Reiser’s brand new BUTTERFLY 301 DVD!

In Butterfly 301, ” The Swim Professor” shares with swim teachers a new, innovative approach to teaching butterfly to young children, while sharing sound teaching principals throughout the butterfly swim lesson presentation.

You can either click on the link below or paste it in your browser… Continue

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YouTube video on “How to Teach Freestyle” PLUS 7 TIPS HERE!

YouTube video on “How to Teach Freestyle” PLUS 7 TIPS HERE!

How to Teach Freestyle to Children

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Have you ever wandered if there was an easier, step-by-step approach to teaching freestyle to young children? In this article, you will get an inside look at some of “The Swim… Continue

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