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How to Teach Our Children About Water Safety

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Did you know that in the United States, drowning takes more lives than any other accident for children 5 & under? For children ages 6 – 14, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death ONLY to automobile accidents! This article will show you how to teach your children water… Continue

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How to Become a Professional Swimming Instructor

Do you want to be considered a “Swimming Professional?” In this article, you will learn some simple steps to becoming a pro!

5 Steps

1. Become a member of at least one reputable, nationally recognized organizations. Here are the ones I belong to: American Swim Coaches Association, United States Swimming, United States Swim School Association, National Drowning… Continue

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New “Teaching Babies Better” video NOW IN STOCK!

One of the 22 Success Strategies in the brand new "TEACHING BABIES BETTER" DVD video that I think you’ll really enjoy watching is how you can prevent your new infants and toddler swimmers from becoming upset. As you know, keeping your water babies happy is the key to a stress-free… Continue

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Tips to Teaching the Butterfly

If you would like a creative way to teach Butterfly to young children (ages 4 – 12), this article is for you! Jim Reiser, “The Swim Professor,” will share a few creative, and easy steps from his brand new DVD on teaching butterfly to get you started.

Try this:

1. Have your young student(s) lay on their stomach on the deck. Their arms should be at their sides, thumbs… Continue

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Baby Swimming to Butterfly

I just submitted my final edit on Teaching Babies Better to my editor. If you already ordered your “Teaching Babies Better” DVD, I should be able to ship it out sometime late next week! Of course the video is now available at Swim Lessons University, my online library of instructional swimming videos,

For those of you who have been asking about when my Learn to Swim Butterfly DVD would be produced, the… Continue

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The United States Lifeguard Standards Coalition (USLSC) Draft Consensus Recommendations and Scientific Review Forms are now posted for public comment through December 12, 2009. The public comment period provides an opportunity for representatives of organizations that set regulations, standards, or practice guidelines in lifeguarding, as well as anyone who has an interest, to react to the science review and provide comments for consideration.

To view the USLSC Draft Consensus… Continue

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Washington Swim Teacher Thanks “The Swim Professor” and Shares Some Cool Ideas of Her Own!

Dear Swim Professor,

Thanks for checking in. I was thinking about emailing you on our progress. My first three students all wanted private swim lessons and the first child (a nine year old boy who did not know how to swim at all) was doing freestyle with side breathing on the third lesson. I have decided to give the parents the option of once or twice per week because I really want the kids to learn to swim. Most choose twice per week and the kiddos are learning very quickly. I have… Continue

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CPSC Public Meeting Concerning Unblockable Drain Covers

There are many public pool facilities that have not replaced their existing drain covers, as required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGB Act). The reason: the size of the drain cover. Large covers commonly referred to as unblockable covers. The ASME/ANSI A112.19.8 indentifies unblockable as 18” X 23” or 29” diagonal measure or larger. The CPSC clouded the issue of unblockable covers in their staff draft technical guide.

“The Consumer Product Safety Commission staff (“CPSC staff”… Continue

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Is Your Swim School Saving Time & Money with Online Registration?

Is Your Swim School Saving Time & Money with an Online Registration Program?


1. Are you SAVING money (and time) because of your online registration program?

2. Is it EASY for YOU to use?

3. Is it EASY for YOUR CUSTOMERS to use?

I have been with the same company, Time2Signup, for going on 10 years. At one point, I wasn’t really that happy with it. Technology was changing fast… Continue

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Is anyone doing ice skating rinks in there waterparks in the off season.

We are looking at building a temporary ice rink for ice skating during the cold months up here in Cincinnati. Anyone else out there doing this by chance?

Info would be greatly appreciated,

Have an OUTSTANDING! day


Added by Michael A Howard on October 22, 2009 at 12:42pm — 1 Comment

Employee recognition survey results

Here are the results of the survey I sent out recently.i highly recommend polling your own staff to get the answers that matter most to you.

many Thanks if you participated in the survey


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Setting the Record Straight on Rip Currents

Editor's note: This is a letter to the editor from B. Chris Brewster, president of United States Lifesaving Association, in response to an column about rip currents in the June 2009 issue of Aquatics International.

It’s good to see Aquatics International run an article regarding rip currents ("Getting Current," June 2009), which United States Lifesaving Association statistics attribute to over 80%… Continue

Added by Gary Thill on October 20, 2009 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

sailing travel- island employment

I live on a sail boat. I'm traveling to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and other islands in that area. I will be looking for work when I get there. I'm am an experienced swim coach, lifeguard, swimmer, triathlete, pool manager... I also have water aerobics instructor certification. I am a certified physical education and health teacher k-12. I graduated from Slippery Rock University of PA where I also did a minor in aquatics.

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Legal Disparity in Drownings?

A couple of recent articles (article1 article 2) got me thinking about the disparity in the legal system in the way it deals with drownings. Let me point out that I an not an attorney by any means. I do consider myself a avid researcher of current events in the aquatics industry. I have read through hundreds of drowning articles and I have noticed some disturbing trends in the way the law views these "accidents." Accidental… Continue

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Mildew Growing on Pool Deck!

We have concrete floors with a rubber seal that fills in all of the cracks. We have been getting a black mildew that grows on the deck and refuses to stay away. Power spraying has been tried as well as liquid chlorine, but the mildew keeps coming back.

This is in a low traffic area and there is no standing water in this particular area. What can I do?

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Recognition Survey

I would be grateful if you completed the survey at the link above to help me determine the most preferred methods of recognition. This survey will only be available until October 1st.

It takes about 1 minute to complete.

Please forward the link to any peers or subordinates as the survey is intended to determine how line level employees would like to be recognized.

I… Continue

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Sanitation of pool decks, walkways and locker areas is as important as water quality.

Most comprehensive aquatic management / operation texts specifically identify the importance of “cleaning and disinfecting” pool decks, walkways and locker areas. The concept of disinfecting is simple, yet often over-looked. The most recognized method of sanitation is to use and 5 percent bleach and water solution in the following areas:

DAILY SANITATION: Locker area decks, benches, sinks, toilets, changing tables, shower decks and all walkways.

Daily Cleaning: With the… Continue

Added by Leland Yarger on September 25, 2009 at 11:52am — 2 Comments

Turn Your Swimming Pool Into A Fire Truck

I want to re introduce you to Mark Urban a pioneer in pool valve technology. Mark like many of us has supported the pool industry for over 30 years, some of us have even labeled him the" Nutty Professor".

Nutty or not Mark has developed the popular Flow Reversal Valve, Share a Heater Valve, and now the Fire Plug Valve. The fire plug valve is what I am going to highlight today.

Mark developed a valve that can turn any… Continue

Added by James Kantorowicz on September 24, 2009 at 8:57am — 1 Comment

Looking for Leaders

Aquatic and Recreation Leaders (Directors, Supervisors, Operation managers…whatever the name) must take an active role as a leader. Leaders are seen, not hidden. All levels of management must be engaged with all levels of employees in their organization and have some appearance that they care what goes on in their facilities.

Too often lifeguards fail to see or have any contact with management personnel. Some staff only see senior facility staff when something goes critically wrong.… Continue

Added by Leland Yarger on September 21, 2009 at 12:29pm — 1 Comment

VGB Act fot Crypto? It's Up to You.

The Crypto issue may become the next knee jerk reaction federal law. Crypto is clearly a life-threatening issue for aquatic facilities and like entrapment it is not new. All that is needed now is an individual with great political influence to help enact another federal law. This could easily take place because the majority of pool operators, facility owners and local and state health inspectors largely ignore the topics that create situations that lead to a crypto outbreak. Unless facilities… Continue

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