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Swimming Shapes the Future

In the center of almost every community is something that brings us closer as a people, a crystal blue swimming pool, the heart of the neighborhood.  This place is more than just a fancy amenity to these folks; it’s one of the few places where people can exercise in a way that connects them with their neighbors. Pools create unity, friendships, recreation and a whole lot of fun.  This face-to-face contact with those who live close to us, takes us away from our computers and cellular phones…


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Step Into Swim Video Contest - we need creative industry people to submit a video!Step In to Swim Video Contest – $1,500 – Over 18 yo – EXTENDED to AUGUST 31, 2012

Your creativity is needed to produce short videos to touch people’s emotions to encourage people to learn to swim. The Winning videos will be used to promote the Step Into Swim™ Campaign to raise funds to donate to organizations that create more swimmers.



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Will you give a little to create a lot?

That's what industry members are urged to do by National Swimming Pool Foundation CEO Tom Lachocki - We're asking everyone in industry to Step Up and Give $10 to Step Into Swim Campaign. Ten dollars is not a lot to ask -- and if you take that one step, NSFP will take the next step up to $20.

Here's the news release announcing the campaign today; please, take a moment, and step together with NSPF on this initiative.

Step Up and Give $10 to Step…


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Golden Opportunities

In less than a month, the world will turn its attention to London for the summer Olympic Games. The aquatics venue (designed by the reknowned team at Zaha Hadid Architects) is stunning, and of course, the competition means new interest in aquatics. Swimming and diving are among the most popular events.



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Helping Fearful Swimmers

HOW TO HELP THE FEARFUL SWIMMER   Please keep in mind the following important points that I have learned after many years as both an aquatic and mental health professional regarding the issue of "fearful swimmers":  

 1) There is a SIGNIFIC...ANT difference between a child or an adult who has never had an opportunity to learn to swim properly and and those who have never learned to swim, despite possibly having the…


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Have you considered attending this year's WAHC? There's a whole lot of WaterWisdom to be shared!

Just sent out our the latest news on the 2012 World Aquatic Health Conference in Norfolk this October. We're excited about the lineup of seminars and have 27 new speakers this year. There is no other educational conference that offers the diversity of topics and thinking and exposes attendees to all aspects of research and subject matter affecting the aquatic industry. Now in it's ninth consecutive year, if you haven't made it to one, this is the year. And don't forget, if travel is an…


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Our feedback on Associated Press story "Pools dry up after draining city budgets"

Here's our letter we wrote to Jeffrey Collins of the Associated Press in response to his pre-Memorial Day story which you can read at this link.  Tell us what you think!


June 9, 2011

Jeffrey Collins

Associated Press

Delivered via Email to:

Dear Jeffrey,

We read your Memorial Day pool story with interest, and wanted to take a few minutes to share some reflections. Your… Continue

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National Drowning Prevention Alliance President Receives National Award

National Drowning Prevention Alliance President Robert Ogoreuc Received the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s G. Harold Martin Award for 2011.



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Learn To Swim Radio

Thursday by Thursday, the Learn To Swim Ship is  s l o w l y being turned. S l o w l y, but it's turning. It's being turned by the listeners of The Learn To Swim Show at


These listeners, whether swimming students or instructors, are witnessing the laying of new track in the Learn To Swim Universe.…


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Blaming the Victim

Some readers may have taken one look at our provocative November/December cover and wondered, “Why must we dwell on such an unpleasant topic as sex abuse? Why do we want to draw attention to an issue that has already given aquatics a black eye?” I can answer all of those questions with two words: the victims.

Those are the brave young women who came forward to expose the sex abuse scandal brewing at USA Swimming for more than three decades — as well as any who remained silent. If this…

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URL for the Learn To Swim Show

The Learn To Swim Show is here.
It's Thursdays at 1 p.m. Eastern time, Beginning October 28, 2010.

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How Could a Learn-to-Swim Radio Program Be Effective?

On October 28, 2010, Miracle Swimming Institute will begin hosting a radio pilot program, "The Learn To Swim Show." It will be available to listeners around the world, Thursdays at 1 p.m. Florida time and 10 a.m. California time on the internet at

If you put a beginning swim class of adults into a pool, they’re usually apprehensive. The first thing you want to ask them is, “What…


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The Learn To Swim Show Launches October 28

What if everyone in the world who couldn't swim listened to internet World Talk Radio on October 28, 2010 and heard that they're not weird for not being able to swim? That they aren't failures? That it's not their fault that they've tried lessons over and over and haven't become swimmers? Do you think those people might feel a little better about not being able to swim?

Do you think if I presented them with an outline of what happened to swimming instruction in the beginning and if… Continue

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Solution for the Shreveport Non-Swimmers

When apocolyptic events happen, fantastic responses are called for. A "business as usual" approach following these events is common, but uninspired and sub-par.

Business as usual is, "What a tragedy. Bless those families. More people should take swimming lessons. Oh, what a shame!" And then we turn our backs and resume our daily routines.

In my mind, there is only…


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Can Social Networking Help You or Your Organization? Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.

So can YOU or YOUR business benefit from Social Networking? Are you resisting the idea of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc.? Technology changes are always hard for me and I was resistant at first too. In

fact, I have been only using twitter for a few weeks but I have been

trained in it now and I am confident of the benefits.

The best news about it is that . . . it’s FREE! MOST IMPORTANTLY, in my mind, it’s the BEST REFERRAL PROGRAM ever invented. I…


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What more can a good two-year old swimmer learn in a Parent & Me class?

Dear Teachers & Parents:

I received an email today with a VERY COMMON QUESTION from a parent who has a young two year old in our Parent & Me class who is doing wonderfully. However, and I think this happens often, there was a

misunderstanding that because of the progress the little one was

making, that continuing in the same class may be a waste of time. As

instructors and swim school owners, it is vital that we communicate…


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Have You Seen that the American Academy of Pediatrics UPDATED their Guidelines?

Here is the beginning of the article from Med Page Today. I posted a link at the bottom so you can click it and read the rest of the article:

Pediatric Drowning Prevention Guidelines Updated
By Chris Emery,…

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Is Your Swim School Participating in the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson?

Tomorrow, Thursday, 5/20/10, is your last chance to register your swim school to participate in The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson. What a great way to get your local media involved in promoting swimming lessons as one of the most important ways to prevent drownings. Make no mistake about it, drowning prevention requires layered approach . . . but you know as well as I do, swimmers…


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The Best Christmas Gift of all . . . Save an infant or toddler’s life!

Did you know that over half of all drownings for babies occur in bath tubs? According to Safe Kids world wide, that is a fact. View my FREE YouTube video on Drowning Prevention & Water Safety for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Because we KNOW that infants and toddlers are drowning in the winter too (because they drown in bath tubs)–PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH A FRIEND who has a little one. You could… Continue

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Super Swim Teachers are not found–they are made!

Here is a recent email I received:

Coach Jim,

I don’t know where you find your swim teachers, but I’ve got one thing to say… “Keep up the good work!”

My son Zach has been w/Ms Kali at Still Hopes on the Saturday am class. She has worked the class well to suit his needs. Due to his autism, sometimes he can have trouble w/things as I am sure you can imagine. He LOVES the water though, so we wanted to take the opportunity to utilize that to our advantage.

Zach… Continue

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