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Lifeguards Making it in the Media and other Aquatic News Notes

There's just something about aquatics that captures the imagination and a new 13-part series debuting this week will profile the experiences of Southern California beach guards. Lifeguard! Southern California premieres Thursday, February 23 on The Weather Channel. Here's more details from the…


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Life Jackets Save Lives

Today’s blog is a response to a post on my against the use of Life jackets and Flotation devices.  Here are my thoughts:

First off, Life Jackets save lives. An absolute MUST for non-swimmers in residential pools and lakes, especially if they are not within arm’s reach of an adult.  I think most would agree that a child’s life itself is more precious than any philosophy or an unjustified concern about a child becoming dependent on the device.  I…


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Do You have the Thunderstorm Blues? Swim Lessons, Swim Safety, & Customer Service

One of the most frustrating things for parents, swim teachers, and

swim school owners to deal during Summer Swim Lessons is

thunderstorms. Parents get mad when we cancel, parents get mad when we

don’t. As a parent, I am certainly sympathetic. I know how hard it is

to get my three children in the car, go to the pool, and then have

to disappoint them that they can’t swim.

I often encourage parents to take lessons with us in the fall,…


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Can Social Networking Help You or Your Organization? Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.

So can YOU or YOUR business benefit from Social Networking? Are you resisting the idea of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc.? Technology changes are always hard for me and I was resistant at first too. In

fact, I have been only using twitter for a few weeks but I have been

trained in it now and I am confident of the benefits.

The best news about it is that . . . it’s FREE! MOST IMPORTANTLY, in my mind, it’s the BEST REFERRAL PROGRAM ever invented. I…


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What can Swim Teachers & Parents Learn from the late, legendary coach John Wooden?

There is so much we can learn from the late, legendary UCLA Basketball Coach

John Wooden. As a teacher, coach, and parent, I try to apply Coach

Wooden’s life lessons every day. I liked the 7 Point Creed so much I

had it printed on my competitive swimmer’s t-shirts some years ago.

Since his passing, I have pulled it out of the closet and I have been

wearing it frequently.

I loved his books, especially “They Call Me Coach” and…


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What more can a good two-year old swimmer learn in a Parent & Me class?

Dear Teachers & Parents:

I received an email today with a VERY COMMON QUESTION from a parent who has a young two year old in our Parent & Me class who is doing wonderfully. However, and I think this happens often, there was a

misunderstanding that because of the progress the little one was

making, that continuing in the same class may be a waste of time. As

instructors and swim school owners, it is vital that we communicate…


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Have You Seen that the American Academy of Pediatrics UPDATED their Guidelines?

Here is the beginning of the article from Med Page Today. I posted a link at the bottom so you can click it and read the rest of the article:

Pediatric Drowning Prevention Guidelines Updated
By Chris Emery,…

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Is Your Swim School Participating in the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson?

Tomorrow, Thursday, 5/20/10, is your last chance to register your swim school to participate in The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson. What a great way to get your local media involved in promoting swimming lessons as one of the most important ways to prevent drownings. Make no mistake about it, drowning prevention requires layered approach . . . but you know as well as I do, swimmers…


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The Best Christmas Gift of all . . . Save an infant or toddler’s life!

Did you know that over half of all drownings for babies occur in bath tubs? According to Safe Kids world wide, that is a fact. View my FREE YouTube video on Drowning Prevention & Water Safety for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Because we KNOW that infants and toddlers are drowning in the winter too (because they drown in bath tubs)–PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH A FRIEND who has a little one. You could… Continue

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Super Swim Teachers are not found–they are made!

Here is a recent email I received:

Coach Jim,

I don’t know where you find your swim teachers, but I’ve got one thing to say… “Keep up the good work!”

My son Zach has been w/Ms Kali at Still Hopes on the Saturday am class. She has worked the class well to suit his needs. Due to his autism, sometimes he can have trouble w/things as I am sure you can imagine. He LOVES the water though, so we wanted to take the opportunity to utilize that to our advantage.

Zach… Continue

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How to Teach a Preschooler to Swim

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Would you like to hear how to make teaching your 3 & 4 year olds more fun and effective? Enjoy some terrific teaching techniques and even watch some FREE video footage from “Swim 101,” How to Teach Young Children to Swim in 8 hours or Less! Oh, and you will also see some really cool “before &… Continue

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How to Choose a Swim Instructor or Swim School

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Do you know what to look for in a swim instructor or swim school? Because of the safety issues involved, your swim instructor or swim school choice is absolutely critical. Here are my 10 RULES of THUMB:


1. The instructor should be a member of at least one of the following organizations: US Swim School Association, World Aquatic Babies & Children’s Network, American Swim Coaches Association, and/or… Continue

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New “Teaching Babies Better” video NOW IN STOCK!

One of the 22 Success Strategies in the brand new "TEACHING BABIES BETTER" DVD video that I think you’ll really enjoy watching is how you can prevent your new infants and toddler swimmers from becoming upset. As you know, keeping your water babies happy is the key to a stress-free… Continue

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Tips to Teaching the Butterfly

If you would like a creative way to teach Butterfly to young children (ages 4 – 12), this article is for you! Jim Reiser, “The Swim Professor,” will share a few creative, and easy steps from his brand new DVD on teaching butterfly to get you started.

Try this:

1. Have your young student(s) lay on their stomach on the deck. Their arms should be at their sides, thumbs… Continue

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